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  1. anyone going to schwag 42 this weekend?
  2. anyone?




  3. this thread is for those interested in it, so if your not going to answer the question then gtfo. :wave:
  4. I see...

    My deepest apologies Zen Buddha.


    Are YOU interested?..
  5. i got handed a flyer for it at one of the phish shows i went to. looks kinda fun, but im not going
  6. Ok fucking around aside, whats schwagstock? Is it something along the lines of woodstock? Like a whole lott've people listing to music and getting drunk/high?

  7. i suggest going sometime, its a blast.

    getting a sheet of acid, some mushies and all the dank i can find.

  8. its in salem missouri.
    its got the whole vibe of woodstock.
    several live bands: the schwag, string cheese incident, jah roots.
    any kind of drug you could possible want.
    its all on a huge private property owned by one of the members of the schwag.
    60$ at the gate for the weekend, camping, canoe trips, games, live entertainment.
  9. sweet.

    closest ive come to such is Vortex.

    tripping balls in a forest weekend trance party..
  10. nahh man i live to far way for that.i'll save that money for that ticket and spend it on herb,but thats just me.Hope you have fun thou :D
  11. say what?
    String cheese is playing? SHIT MAN!! they werent on the flyer!!! I was thinking about going to see the Dead cover band, and because there are ZERO police and/or Buzzkilling piggies to deal with, so i can get mega fucked up, but i cant go now!! damn damn damn damn!!!
  12. if i lived in missouri i'd be going for sure, but i don't, sounds great though.

  13. its actually the members of string cheese with their own bands.
    and the schwag is pretty awesome.
  14. lock your shit up
    lots of shady fucks go to schwag, or so ive heard!
  15. yeah thats why i didnt want to go originally. sounded kinda sketchy
  16. everytime i went, its been really chill. people arent too bad really. everyone there is mostly chill and just looking to have a good time. but there are a few crazy people, as with any festie.
  17. pretty sure cheese's only show this year was at rothbury???

  18. string cheese wont be playing, the members are scheduled to be there with their own bands. eoto, panjea, nailhouse, kyle hollingsworth band.

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