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Schwag Brownies

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by HeBrEwBeAr, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. i've seached the forum couldnt find wat i was lookin for so i was just wondering will schwag still make some good brownies or no
  2. I made some the other day and they seemed to work pretty well:smoke:
  3. how much weed did you usE?
  4. i think schwag is basically only good for edibles. up to u tho man
  5. schwags pretty nasty
  6. Your brownies will taste very unpleasant, but they should work. If you use a lot
  7. ill put fudge in that shit
  8. Ahhh hell yeah son!!!!
  9. I used about 7 grams for 12 cookies but strained all of the bud out of the butter after it boiled.
  10. For a tray of brownies I usually use around half an ounce of crap weed or more. I also usually use vegetable oil instead of butter, mostly because I have it around more than real butter. I have found if you buy the brownies (or make your own) with peanut butter chunks it kind of helps kill the flavor of the weed.
  11. be a man and do it.

  12. I don't see how that doesent make somebody a man by not eating shitty tasting brownies. The main problem with kids like this that started the thread and you is you will do anything to get stoned. If its sketchy dont do it. If it's shit pot I won't smoke it for its short shity high. Your going to have to use a lot of bud for this. Make sure to drain the bud out of the butter. Put some peanut butter in the mix and.put some frosting on there....good luck
  13. Yes, but you need at least a full zip for good ones.
    I've made BOMB reggie brownies before with an entire OZ... Well actually while we were de-stemming & grindin up the O we smoked like 3g's in rotation so it was really like 25g, minus stems, but if you extract it into organic Hemp oil, you WILL ride the roller coaster my friend :hello:
  14. when i make brownies, i use an ounce or 30g-ish, and it is shitty weed that i would 98% of the time not even think about smoking..and they are amazing brownies. they taste great. using shit weed has never negatively affected the taste. i mean, i cook it into the vegetable oil and then strain out the shit, then it's good to go.
  15. Last time I used a Quarter and it seemed to work fine.
  16. Organic Hemp oil works best :hello:
    (And you'll avoid the [usually] GMO oil) :wave:
  17. sounds great and all, but organic usually means $$, and possibly harder to find?

    and i dgaf about most GMO things, especially things like oil used to make brownies that get you high

    but, I bet it does work pretty well.

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