School with my girlfriens

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  1. hey gc, I'm looking for some advice about going to college with my girlfriend.

    first off, i don't want to hear that I am making a mistake, im not your average teen who likes to get hammered every night and fuck random girls. I'm more of a lover. I love being in this relationship. and I want to marry her. don't tell me I am to young to know what love is and stuff.

    so me and my girlfriend are in love with eachother. and we are both 18 and living in Illinois. we want to move to California and go to junior college there. then when we get residency move to a university and continue with school.
    I'm asking you today for any advice on where to live, how to go about telling our parents, what we should plan for, etc. also if anyone else has done this please share your wisdom.

    all advice will be greatly appreciated by me and my girlfriend. thank you everyone
  2. chances are you shall catch her cheating...
  3. [quote name='"Snowman00"']chances are you shall catch her cheating...[/quote]

    no. and also if anyone has any advice on where we should live, state or city wise. I have heard that Cali has a bad job market right now.

    thank you
  4. only advice i can give you is see other people to make sure you love her man.

  5. everywhere sucks now, stay in school and achieve the most that you can...
  6. You should go to Santa Barbara or Santa Monica city college if you are interested in southern California
  7. Lol @ this. GL man, you should bookmark this page and come back in 2 years to see what a jackass you were.
  8. i'm seriuously asking you to re consider this .. i'm also the "Lover" kind (been in a relationship for 3 years and still goin) and my girlfriend WAS that type too .. we toughtof studying together. but from one year to another, she became cold and serious, and she doesnt want to do all the stuff we liked to do or we were supposed to do together.
    i still love her beside of this and havent cheated on her, but that's why i'm telling you to consider this, maybe one of you will change
  9. Pretty sure you can't gain residency in California if you move their with just the intentions of attending school there. I went through this same phase about a couple years ago after i graduated high school (minus the girlfriend-baggage of course). Chances are your going to realize it is a huge waste of money and unless you are independently wealthy, there is no way you would be able to sustain a living away from your parents. I don't know you however and for all i know you could have 20 grand sitting in your bank. My honest advice to you is that if moving to California was were you had your focus set, then why didn't you strive to get a scholarship at one of the state universities. Like i mentioned earlier unless you have a fat sack of change just laying around I doubt your parents will shell out the cash for your to live in Cali with your girlfriend and attend community college (something you could do prob 25min down the road).

    Nothing wrong with dreams though brother, personally i realized i was better off in the long-run going to community college in my home town, saving money, and then getting accepted into a state school further down the road. Everyones different though so good luck with w.e :smoke:

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