School is Training for Life

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    After smoking, my friend had a good thought about how schools are pretty much a training camp for life.

    these are just some thoughts i'm writing down. - edit

    If you notice, schools are pretty much a dictatorship, with the principles in charge, and his little side principles as i guess congress.

    Then goes, the Counslers/teachers, governors/senators.- edit
    the school being the government
    Hall aides, cops.

    Then there is the huge district or board of education that controls all schools that is i guess the ones really incharge (illuminati)
    What i realized after smoking and going to school, we immediately follow everyone else mindlessly when a bell rings, expecially in mornings, if you observe, we look like cattles or sheep being herded. And you can't even make out what people are saying it's pretty much chatter, like "moos" or "baaahs."
    With Hall aides
    Anyone whose been in school within the last couple of years, may or may not of head them, but they are aides, they check for ID's they are pretty much Nazi'ish by the way the policies are at my school. if you don't have an id you have to buy one, if you don't buy one, detention, supsenision, etc. then you get fines, you don't pay fines, you get your diploma with held untill shits paid. And these bitches check you like it'd be in germany during the hitler days, with your heritage books/star of david badge, you don't have a ID oyu gotta leave, go around the school and go through the front.
    How we're like sheeps and cows live stock being herded, etc.
    We pretty much are followers, in that when somone gets up in class when the bell is going to ring, you will hear everyone zip a backpack and be ready to leave.

    In our library, when the morning bell rings, everyone immediately mindlessly walks, it's like 4 minute wait of people just gathered up. Plus they count how many of us enter, so it's like we're just units, not actual humans. It's pretty degrading.
    These are the way we're trained to deal with and respect athority, you notice everything is done with a reward system(throughout all of your life, which you spend the majority of your child hood at, 7hrs of training everyday for 180 days for tweleve, thirteen years). you pretty much bait to the reward system, like a dog with a treat. we will do anything for a reward. example: Student's despise homework. Yet we could easily all just not do it and "strike" and put an end to homework, yet none of us do it. Why? because we've been rewarded with "Good Grades" that colleges "look at" to see if they "Want YOU" in their school. If you want to be "successful in life" you must go to school go through college, get good grades, get a "amazing wonderful rewarding job(not really, only the selective few)) At this early age, we're tought to just be better than everyone else, do good in school. If you don't do good in school, you get bad grades, if you don't do homework you get bad grades, you get bad grades, you can't go to a "good college" and "be successful in life" People don't want to get in trouble be cause they are taught at a young age for 7 hours a day 5 days a week for 12 or so years, to tolerate this reward system that is;pretty much bullshit.
    How this ties into life.
    In life we are tought to be a great worker at school, and you'll notice that in school. The really outstanding kids in class that get the 99' 100's on everything etc, you know are guarenteed pretty much to be a success in life, by our societies standars, that we've been taught to accept and deal with. if you don't do good in school you get bad grades, cant get good job. if you do bad at work, you get fired, can't get paid, can't leave. You learn to accept this from school. Even though everyone would easily be bale to just stop and "Strike" for what ever pay we demand. But since early childhood we are taught to respect and fear athority, if we do this we'll get in trouble, "i could get fired, i'm not going on strike." the thing is there is always going to be somoen to take your job, and thats why we can't really go on strike. They've made it so our society must struggle. We as a humans can just so No, i will not do this, and they cannot really do anything in the end, we would win.

    And no body realizes this. They're 6.7billion people on earth i believe, only a hand selected few are the ones actually in power, not puppets. So 6.7billion versus the select few, we can over come the odds, it's just that society is so well trained and balance, they made it pretty much impossible.

    That is were money comes in as well. Like school with grades. Work your rewarded Money. Both are fictional not real things. Just for some reason they have value, and people accept it. If everyone we to say, no i'm not doing this work, i do not believe in this system, it is not right, they cannot do a thing, it is to over whelming. The same could be with money, and work. If everyone just united and just said No i will not work for this. No i will not use this "paper" to price up a car. How about i trade something of value. Like my friend said, you fix somoneones car, you could sell him a cow, you know what i mean, trade things of actual need. and not give in to buying excessive useless items that are not needed. Don't buy we could just say no, and just be friendly, you know? but it's not possible due to our compition we are tought at a young age, in school, taught more strict, in work. Then you have children, and teach them your way of living which is their way of life they want us to live, only you probably will do it stricter because you will experience more because they apply more opportunites, technology etc. Then they go throug the same process.

    Now this being the MAJORITY of society, which is who are the most well trained, who don't really think about what is actually going on. Anyway i'm high as fuck and tired as hell, and probally rambling way off than what i actually wanted to write, gotta check this tomrrow to correct it or fix it. peace...:hello::smoke::smoke:
  2. you just realized this?
  3. So glad I got into the alternative high school run by hippies.

    My math education was abysmal and I'm paying too much money for basic math education right now (currently at intermediate level in algebra) but it was soooo worth it to get out of the hell-hole that is the public system. Best part is I got in on scholarships that they hand out pretty much to anyone who asks.

    I'm going to college right now and having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the traditional style of class. It's still a letdown when the teacher says she wants to "discuss" something and she ends up lecturing us all. Back in high school when we discussed something we got into a circle, sometimes just cross-legged on the floor, and talked about it.
  4. hahahahaaaa.

    thats the point of school.

    thats what its based on
  5. School can be viewed as socialization: so you think like and interact generally like everybody else. It leads to order, or so goes the belief.
  6. Yeah i was thinking of the same shit the other day.

    Even the meal plans they offer are preparing you for your future independent life. Just appreciate the college years and waste as much energy as possible. Because during college one thing you don't have to worry about are electricity bills. SO FUCK YEAHHH. My television never shuts off... my lights are always on. Fuck it. Might as well. Just go along with this bullshit with your best friend Mary Jane.

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