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  1. hey guys wann ask you a question... im done with school for over a year now... been doing EMT for 9 months as social service and now? chillin and getting an extra driving license so i can help in my families busines... so the question is:

    Would you rather:

    a) go down the family road... which wouldnt be bad at all, save money, not millions, but deffinatley enough to have a good life?
    (i dont dislike the job but its not my dream, you guys get me?)


    b) do something with cars (or any subject that you really like, i like cars :) ) and might be ending up in a shitty job... the thing is id really want to be my own boss... what could be fullfilled by a or b ... with a definately, with b... maybe... i dont know yet what especially about cars, yeah i know boys and cars, classic right? :D

    if everything goes wrong i allways have my emt educatioin... but over here it would really just be enough to live (moneywise)

    do you guys get what im talking about? english isnt my mother language so please tell me if something isnt clear :wave:

    Thanks for reading, i hope some of yall can give me some advice :eek:
  2. If I were you, i would go with something you are totally down for. choice B sounds good. cars are actually my interest for my future as well. If it doesnt work out, then you will always have your family there. Just go for what YOU want first and then fall back on the family business if it doesn't go well.

    p.s. your English is much better than a lot of English-speaking people on here.
  3. Do what you feel is right.
    but ALWAYS have a backup plan
  4. I'd pick A.

    It sounds secure with higher pay. You'd have extra money for building cars which could be your hobby.

    You don't want to be so broke you have to worry where your next meal is going to come from. You want job that allows you to either save money or afford a decent lifestyle.
  5. join the family biz, make some money and then go out on your own... be sure to talk to the family about this before going out on your own... you dont wanna piss them off, you actually want their blessings... good luck to you
  6. Thanks for your quik answers Sensei and Happy :) after im done with my next license, i will go and look out for a internship, maybe that will help :) know a guy who restores oldtimer (last time i checked there were a ford model b and a sweet old bmw 2002 just up at the car hoist)

    i'll go and ask him if he can let me take a closer look :) thanks guys!

  7. thanks so much guys :) i really appreciate your suggestions :):wave:

    im gonna try and get the internship and afterwards im off to study anways... i have to go anyways because knowing about economics could be healthy either way :)

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