School hostage situation

Discussion in 'General' started by SuperMonkey26, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. This better not end in a shoot-out, fuck:(
  2. hes prolly on dope
  3. What's wrong with these Wisconsin kids?
  4. I don't understand why they try to talk him out of the building, just fucking dome the kid that has the gun. Simple and effective. If you are holding people hostage, you don't need to be alive anyway. Shit would be so much simpler if I would be allowed to run things.
  5. what a dumb kid
    he didnt even have a message to put out?
  6. its those damn videogames... they should be BANNED!!!

    thats right banned

  7. videogames are the only education we have.
  8. what do you mean happening live? the link says they were already freed
  9. you serious? :confused:

  10. yea he released all 26 hostages in under 5 hours
  11. so i guess theyre going to lock him away forever now, huh guys?

  12. he can probably make up some story about how he's "mentally unstable" and get sent to a mental institution if he's a crafty one.
  13. I couldn't agree with you more. It's sad that some people would rather him live because "he's a person too". But he is jeopardizing more people than just his life.

    FINISH HIM!!!!!!
  14. maybe he was wearing a bulletproof helmet. maybe there was an accomplice threatening to level the building if the gunman was hurt. maybe maybe maybe
  15. Makes me proud to be from WI.

    But seriously, it's a terrible thing to happen.

    Apparently the kid shot himself and is at the hospital, but we have not been told about his condition.

    Gun free school zones only protect the criminals and restrict the law abiding.
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Ill Bill - The Anatomy Of A School Shooting[/ame]
  17. Ehhh poor taste dude. I like rude jokes as much as the next /b/tard but...

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