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School has a list

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jevonsp, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hey Blades, how're you doing? Smoking I hope...

    Apparently my high school has a list of almost all of the people that have gone out to smoke at lunch. They take pictures of the people who walk in the freshman hallway (its where people come in after blazing) and write the names down after cross referencing it.

    This info came from a person I do not trust but one of my friends believes her and I believe my friend so I am inclined to think this is true.

    Should I stay chill about it or what? Thanks.
  2. I probably wouldn't chill about it. Even if the person is just messing with your paranoid stoner-mind, it's better to be safe and not even smoke at school, to be sorry and receive a suspension/expulsion/arrest.

    I've been caught before, for smoking in Jr. High School. Suspended me for two weeks. :\
  3. Don't let marijuana ruin your education. Because even if you don't think it now, one day you will realise being high wasn't worth it.
  4. A list of people who go out to smoke at lunch?

    1. Unless you are smoking on school grounds, how would they know?

    2. If you're smoking on school grounds you deserve to get caught for being an idiot.
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    ^ this bro

    Smoke before school or after. Never during, youre breaking multiple laws at that point
  6. I don't get why some people are so uptight about smoking during school. I did it when I was in High School. Just walk off school property during lunch, spark a joint, spray some deodorant, take a piece of gum and you're fine.

    Even if they want to search you because you smell, you already smoked the evidence so what's the big deal.

    And teachers and deans have better things to do then 'count the stoners'
  7. I'd stay away, you really can only trust yourself at high school. There's always a rat, principals have ways of making weak minded kids sing like a bird. Especially high ones who thought they would never get caught smoking at school.

    I don't think the school will get everyone on this list, if it exists. They usually just bust one group and expel them all to send a message.
  8. im thinking this is bullshit unless you go to a private school.
  9. its against the rules in most schools to just up and leave during the school day, even if you plan on going back
  10. I never had a problem with smoking during school, especially my senior year. most of the teachers let seniors leave whenever they wanted. Alternatively, you can just smoke during lunch.

    But cutting class to smoke weed is just bad. You're shorting yourself an education and furthering bad stereotypes about stoners.
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    I don't think you understand how the American school system works, your rights are basically reliquished from the moment you step onto school grounds to the moment you leave for the day.

    In society, they need probable cause to search you and seize contraband, in public schools they need reasonable suspicion; i.e. coming in
    everyday is about all the reasonable suspicion I'd need if I was a teacher or hall monitor writing names down to search you for illegal drugs. Everyone notices trends and you aren't transparent.

    Don't be stupid, you will get caught.
  12. Maybe some people lack stealth skills.

    My buddy and I smoked during school and sometimes in empty classrooms.

    Of course we didn't dress like retarded thugs so no one even questioned us.

    But yeah it was risky and probably not the best idea.
  13. If your 18 who cares.

    If your not 18 GTFO!!
  14. I had a friend in high school who smoked weed during seminar (study hall), and would spark his one hitter during class. He blew the smoke into his backpack. He was never caught, but what an idiot.
  15. seriously??? here in the Netherlands you can just go and come whenever you want (except freshman), as long as you go to your classes. But how do you guys get food when having the munchies if you can't get off school property to go to the supermarket for some food?

    we've got a supermarket literally 100 steps away from my old high school. while walking to the supermarket you can spark up a joint and then you can buy like freshly baked buns and shit. It's delicious and everybody goes to the supermarket during lunchbreak.

    Lang Leven Nederland!:hello:
  16. The public school I attended was hell... probably the 4 most stressful years of my life. The worst part about it was that you were never allowed to leave, they made it very clear in the handbook that anyone who was caught leaving the school grounds under any circumstances would receive half a day of in school suspension, and the punishment would escalate for repeat offenses. The lunches were exceptionally horrible to, with maybe a handful of days with something not revolting to consume.

    The reason I say was caught is because part way through my senior year I noticed people were starting to leave and not tell anyone, sneaking in through the side doors, so I tried it a few times and never got caught, but I never did bring anyone with me.
  17. your country has a much better education system. the kids in the USA are too stupid to be trusted with such a privilege. lol
  18. This happened to me. We had a group called the "Breakfast Club" and would just pitch in and smoke in the morning. Apparently they watched us and by the time I left the group they ended up getting rolled up and they said they we're watching them. Crazy.
  19. damn that sounds more like prison than school to me
  20. The high school I attended was super strict up until you were a Senior. When you became a senior you could literally do whatever the fuck you wanted. All i had to do was sign myself out in the office and I was off!

    Plus, most teachers would let you leave if you gave them any sort of excuse. "Uhh..i want to go to lunch early." Worked pretty well.

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