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Discussion in 'General' started by dotgif, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Gonna have a nice relaxing day with the vape to myself at home. It snowed like an inch maybe so no idea why the school's are closed, but no complaints!

  2. congrats bro! smoke up! enjoy today!
  3. You too man. Still hooking up sigs?
  4. That I am! I recently made a good dent in my list and am close to catching up finally.

  5. I might sign myself up for one then!

    Here's how much snow is currently outside lol, and it's raining now.

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  6. The dog shit? They cancel school for THAT? When I was in school, We'd get feet here in CO and have to go to class :(
  7. Snowing here too. What fucked up weather eh!
  8. damn, that looks awesome.....I have never seen snow in person.
  9. yeah, im in new mexico...

    an inch on the ground and we freak the fuck out down here, lol.

    congrats blade, smoke a bowl for me while im taking my midterms...
  10. Shocks me to know people have never seen snow :laughing:

    I bet you dream about snowboarding and snowball fights and stuff.

  11. You definitely need to go do that right now.

    Will do my man. Yeah I'm from Portland, OR and we never get snow here even in Winter, and we're getting snow in March?
  12. That's ridiculous. And here I am, enjoying what will within hours be nearly an 80 degree day in March. What the fuck, indeed.

  13. Me too and we have more than an inch where I am and school is canceled btw what city are you in
  14. Good shit dude. 2 of my morning classes got canceled back to back so I have all this free time.. What should I do:) Oh hai magic flight box.
  15. wow its snowing in the states? im in canada its like summer outside, im wearing shorts lol
  16. yeah dude temp was in the 70s today, everyone is wearing shorts

  17. West Linn! Man fuck this though I want sunny like it was the past few days before yesterday...
  18. 70 here in CO as well.

  19. Holy fuck man me too I live about 5 minutes from safeway

  20. What the fuck is this...

    West Linn high school?

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