school and smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by lifeisgrams, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I personally feel like I enjoy school better when im high. Not overdose smoked my self stupid kind of high but just a steady wake and bake high, im more interested and can actually stay quiet and appreciate sitting in a desk and relaxing for a few hours, What do you guys think? I know sum people cant be productive at all after smoking though
  2. Well, if you aren't being dumb while in shcool and your high and you are getting your shit done, I don't see it as a problem. I only went to school high a couple times, it was pretty chill.
  3. when I was in school it just made me tired and want to sleep in class.
  4. thats wat i meant i know sum people just knock out while others just enjoy the day
  5. I find it so much more rewarding to smoke after school/work. I feel like I earned to get high that day, but I also found that personally smoking while going to school didn't do me any good. Studying at home on the other hand after smoking a J helped me concentrate on my reading.
    But I also didn't do a whole lot of reading or anything to do with books for my second and third year of my apprenticeship. We spent a lot more time with hands on tools skills so any studying had to be done at home.
    And when I was in high school I barley touched Mary until the weekend.

    But if it works for you, and you don't burn out too fast then what ever floats your boat :p
  6. In high school i pretty much waked and baked every morning on the walk to school. Good times
  7. I never made that combination. when i was in college, I was smoking after school. Get things done, get rid of responsibilities and smoke... That was better I think.

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