Schizophrenic Simulation

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  1. I just thought everyone should see this.

    "This video is designed by Janssen, a pharmaceutical company.

    It is intended to bring more awareness to the mental condition of schizophrenia by allowing viewers to walk in the shoes of a schizophrenic person. This is a type of schizophrenia called paranoid schizophrenia and it is b/c this person neglected to take their medicine that the hallucinations are rather extreme, yet still accurately represented. I felt it would be beneficial to bring even greater awareness to this condition by putting the video on youtube. I hope you all enjoy it and learn something from it.

    *Warning This video may be disturbing to some so if you feel any anxiety while watching it then stop watching it!*"

    [ame=]Schizophrenic Episode Simulation (Janssen's Mindstorm) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Why copy and past the video description? What did you think of the video?
  3. Because i wanted to show why I decided to put the video into this thread. I had a hard time choosing which one to put it in.

    What do i think of the video? I've never experienced anything like it and I truly feel bad and have a new understanding for anyone who has gone through something like this. It must be really difficult. And from what I've read, the voices aren't something like your own voice in your head (if that's what you can call it) it's actually like real people talking to you. Really crazy stuff.

    I remember a man with schizophrenia said "what if I'm not the crazy one, what if it's you because you can't hear what i hear."

    Either way, I can see how the voices can be really convincing. And why you wouldn't want to take the medications for it.
  4. wtf o_0

    that's my thought process when I smoke a lot of weed in a bad mood.

    like hearing someone say you're completely fucking worthless and being suspicious of anything and everything
  5. sometimes that happens to me. although i know its my own voice telling me that, not some complete stranger. or the television.
  6. I don't feel like that is a very accurate portrayal of a person with schizophrenia

    I have a psychiatric disorder and have had it for 20 my early days I had some psychotic symptoms and now it's mostly like PTSD......I don't think a male and female inner voice is accurate. The parts about the TV were kinda close.. And the woman at the end, she seemed so calm and just said 'take your meds'. The vid is made by a pharmacuetical co. and all they want you to do is take your meds. Don't get me wrong, I have to take my meds or I'll have a problem.....

    That's my opinion, anyway

  7. Lmao no duh Big Pharma is going to make a video like this. They'll do anything to get people in becoming a lifetime customer of theirs.

    [ame=]Terence Mckenna - Schizophrenic or Shamanic? - YouTube[/ame]
  8. I showed this to my schizophrenic friend... not a good idea.
  9. Yo if that bitch really had schizophrenia she would be a great mathematician, hasn't anyone watched A Beautiful Mind?
  10. Hey it's like having someone else remind you what to do every minute, kinda useful. Sounds like a bitchy mum and a stoner dad. Fuck medication, I'd embrace that shit.
  11. The simulation of internal monologue was too contrived.
  12. I wonder if there is any part of the mind that doubts any of the symptoms, or is the person fully committed to the craziness. I there any part that says "you're fuckin trippin."
  13. I always imagined if I started hearing voices that were yelling at me I'd just tell them to fuck off :eek:

    Probably naive.
  14. I thought getting voices in your head was normal, lol..
  15. I know some people are going to call me crazy I could care less.I've been researching this whole conspiracy shit for a good two and a half years now and from what over seen some people are a lot more spiritually effected for lack of a better word.They get very angry or happy quickly and some call it energy.Light and dark they say
    They also say the voices are evil and tell them to do bad things.Well from what I understand these so called aliens can mess with you inner dimensionaly like so and along with the advanced feelings these people can experience make it easier becouse of the spiritual awareness of them.

    Some say they can make the voices go away by thinking of positive things and have feelings of love not hate.This one said "I concentrate on the white energy and the voices go away".These aliens can't handle positive energy vibrations.

    I'm not saying all mentally ill patients are because of this but I do think some are.
  16. Eh thats a bit exaggerated at least from my personal experience. I have mild schizophrenia from time to time because of my personality disorder, and that inner monologue was way over the top. You might have a gut feeling thats telling you that but i've never had voices constantly bombarding my thoughts making me paranoid as fuck about literally everything I do.

    But maybe thats just me...
  17. Not necessarily. No two schizophrenia cases will be the same.

    I met a schizophrenic girl one time and you're prety much dead on. At first her auditory and visual hallucinations were frightening when she first experienced them at the age of 14 and 15. But then at one of her group therapies, she met a guy and he pretty much told her that everything is in her head; she controls what she experiences. With enough practice, she turned her schizophrenia into a blessing. I remember hanging out with her and as we were walking outside a concert and her telling me how her angelic wings were leaving trails of rainbow stardust behind her. And whenever she is in pain, she never uses pills because her mental power is enough to take the illusion of pain away.

    But Big Pharma is going to keep scaring people and telling them that their mental state is a curse and needs to be treated with zombie-inducing drugs.

  18. I agree about saying screw the medicine companies.

    I don't know if anyone has actually seen it, but the True Life episode they did on this one of the guys from Pa used to smoke the green to medicate himself and everyone looked down on him for it.

    I think that is bullshit. Doctors are never willing to be true scientists and look at every possibility except ones that make them money. And they say they truly care about your well being.
  19. Interesting what you said about the pain. My cousin is schizophrenic. When he was like 11 or 12 he had menengitis and needed a spinal tap. He told the doctor to give him a minute to "do his thing" and he somehow mentally blocked the pain. I'm going to have to research this more because it's very interesting.
  20. I heard the red hot chilli peppers song this is the place in my head, except he just kept saying this is the place where all the junkies go, over and over and the music was diffrent. i started freaking out looking for a stereo or some shit saying things like whwree is this coming from!!. but the fact of not sleeping for a week and being a shiitload of drugs didnt help, had some fucked up halluconations to

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