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  1. Some people might consider this a stupid question,

    Would smoking stoge's burning incense candles etc mask the smell of budding plants?

    thats what im planning on

  2. depending on the strain you might have a chance. but i wouldnt do it. i'd invest in a carbon filter or small ozone. you can spend 150 bucks on a small ozone to mask the smell easily and its very worth it. the thing about ozone is that being around it long periods of time harms your lung they say. thats if you have it running 24/7 though. what most people do it put the ozone in the room next to the grow operation and put it on a timer to run every now and then.
  3. ozone is only harnful above a certain PPM. Used properly and with adequate ventillation, it's completely harmless.
  4. I found something that works great , they are called gonzo rocks, they are volcano stones they work great!! You can get them at home depot in the cleaning aisle
  5. interesting im gona check this out.
  6. buy 2 bags and jus put it in the closet it absorbs almost all of the smell!!!
  7. How much do the gonzo rocks cost?
  8. im also thinking...... if i rig up a air circulation system of some kind instead of passing the air through a carbon filter why not dryer sheets? people use it for actual smoke, and there so cheap i could replace them every few days. just a thought

  9. Gonzo rocks cost about 8 bucks per pack
  10. yeah, they are made from Zeolite. Pretty cool little things. You can refresh them too.
  11. Zeolite acts as a passive quiet air purifier. Zeolites are 100% non-toxic to people and pets are actually volcanic rock . The zeolites are negatively charged minerals that abosrb and adsorb moisture and odors. Pet odors , smoke fumes , food odors and other chemical or bacterial biological odors are trapped inside the Zeolite rock. Zeolite is safe, effective, and completely reusable for years. Place in direct sunlight for 1 day, Zeolite expels the contaminants that it has absorbed, recharging the Zeolite for 6 months or more
  12. Whoa that Zeolite stuff sounds fuckin sweet! How effective is it really?
  13. you just increased my home depot wishlist
  14. Yes it would but you shouldnt. The neighbours are not gonna like it and neither do your plants. Burning incense and candles releases a lot of poison particles in the air because of the very impure 'burning' process.

    The ultimate carbonhydrate based fire is like methane burning to pure water and carbondioxide. CH4 + 2(O2) = C02 + 2(H20)

    We've all seen Iraq burn. Oil produces fat black smoke. Very impure burn. Very big carbonhydrate molecules.

    The bigger the particles you burn, the harder it is to make it burn pure and the more poison air comes out.

    When burning/smoking joints, and believe me I'm a true expert there, you can see black smoke coming from the side of the joint which you put in your mouth and blue smoke coming from the burning side.

    With proper lighting and slow moving smoke you can actually SEE the particles fly off it. These particles are maybe 50 microns across so no where molucule size, and they may end up lodged somewhere on your plant causing all kinds of trouble for a small part of your plant.

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