Scary trip out from last night leads to greatness

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  1. So I decided to stop over my co-workers house with my bro and his gf last night to say hello to Mary-Jane. [​IMG]
    ^ our nug.

    Rolled up a blunt, drank a couple brews, some funny non-stop bullshiting that made no sense led to laughter before it was time to roll home and stumble on out.

    I got pretty damn high and a little tispy to boot so it was time to shag ass home around 2 a.m. Grabbed the keys, got into the car and stared rocking out to 'HEART'. This is when the trip started happening and the paranoia set in.

    I was driving home rockin' out and I was listening to this one song that had some MAD backup vocals. Turns out a nice echo was flowing through the speakers and it instantly dawned on me that someone was in the back-seat singing & laying down on the bottom half of the seat. I started to search frantically through the backseat while driving to see if anyone was there while I had one hand on the wheel in complete darkness. After 5 minutes of hardcore searching, I decided noone was there.

    Then, a few minutes after that, I tripped again. Since it was 2 a.m, the intersections and traffic lights were flashing yellow, which is caution. As I approached, I slowly and cautiously went through the lights while noone was on the road. I saw a cop in a parking lot and the instant I went through the light he pulled out behind me. I about sharted in my pants and I didn't even have to fart. Still not over the invisible person in my backseat, now I have a fucking cop ready 'cuff me at any moment. He was toying with me until I pulled into McDonald's parking lot. By this time, shit is splattered all though my underwear. The cop drove past me and I saw him swoop around and leave out of sight. Took me a little while to calm down so I decided to celebrate by making a monstrous self-made McDonald's burger.

    While I was waiting for my order, shit-pants and all, I started wondering about teeth. So I started to examine. I had my mouth help wide open like the Cowardly Lion and started to count each tooth in amazement while the lady was trying to give me my order so I could just imagine what that looked like. I laughed my ass off in her face and drove off.

    Those trips, right in a row were EPIC that greatness had to follow. And the greatness was this:

    A double Quarter Pounder w/cheese with a side order of a 20 piece Chicken McNugget. I put about 7 pieces of nuggets nested in with my 'Pounder while I saved the other nuggets for a side w/barbecue sauce. Sounds nasty? Maybe, but it was HEAVEN.

    I suggest giving this a try!

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