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Scary stuff while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Neronite, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Post things that scare you when high that wouldn't scare you while sober.

    One thing is walking through parks alone at night. If I'm high I always shit bricks.:eek:

  2. Losing my high.
  3. I had to run through an amusement park at 12:00 at night high. It was pitch black and fucking scary!
  4. Flashing red and blue lights
  5. Once after me and my friend left my dealers house, (Somnia being the friend)

    we were on the bus giggling to ourselfs..

    then two police men get on the bus, i swear to god my heart stoped :/
    turned out there were just going somewhere! (fuck knows why they didnt drive the police cars!)

    freaked me out!
  6. A floating porpoise.
    Those damn shrooms i ate WHILE high on weed brownies. :rolleyes:
    I swear, this damn dolphin went swimming around my head for two hours. Then it eventually caught on fire and spontaneously combusted into ashed. It was actually more interesting than scary. Go figure. :eek:
  7. This


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