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Scary shit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KillaWillaBilla, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So i had a drug test this morning everything is good now but here is what happened. I got a friend to give me his clean piss so i heated it in the warm water and strapped some heat pads and had the fluid above 100 so it would be just right when i would get there. I take a beanie and cut the top off so i can put the sample in the part that folds up and it could hold it well. Get there and check the temp it is blue on 98 and when it is green is when it is that temp so i was like cool it has some chill time on the way in. I get in and they tell me 50 minute wait so i was freaking that the piss would go cold by that time. while sitting in my chair i start to adjust it more toward my gooch area cause im worried about the temp, it still felt secure after moving it so i THOUGHT i was good. A lady come out and says my name so i stand. As i wal toward her i feel the sample slip out and start to fall down my pant leg OH SHIT. so i kinda grab at it and act like im itching to try and put it in the beanie. No luck it falls to where my shoe is and BARLEY FUCKING HANGS ON THE EDGE OF MY SHOE I CAN LITERALLY FEEL IT ABOUT TO FALL ON THE GROUND. I thought i was fucked but i just barley made into the bathroom and got the sample in the cup ok. so i am good now the temp was fine but man i almost shit my self cause i really need the job lol it has been a year since i worked.
  2. This story ended in disappointment.
  3. ^^^^ good to know people would of liked to hear me get busted thanks bro appreciated
  4. good job man!
  5. Would have made it much more interesting.

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