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  1. This thread is for stories of scary shit that's happened in your life.. sorry if there is already a thread like this. Anyway, here's my story:

    I once burnt down 5 acres or so of bush and long grass around my house :S That was a bloody terrifying experience..
    Me and my buddies were just playing around with lights and burning stuff in a little place amongst long grass. I lit a piece of rope and threw it away without thinking of putting it out. Needless to say, a couple of minutes later there were flames starting behind us.. we took our shirts off and tried bashing them but that just spread them really quick. So we ran back to the house and filled whatever we could up with water.. threw a few drums of water on but it didn't help. After about 5 minutes the flames were raging.. without exaguration they were about 15 feet high, which was pretty damn scary. Might I add, that all this long, dry grass was about.. 30 metres away from my house, and about 20 away from our shed. There was about 5 metres of dirt in front of the shed, and about 7-8 infront of the house. My mates all started to run back to their houses.. so I ran like shit down the back paddocks to the house down there.. and asked to use their phone.. (My house was locked.. I wasn't supposed to be there) I will admit, I was crying at this point.. (Hey, I was like 11-12, this was terrifying) They called the local fire services (one ute with water tanks on the back, lol.). I started running back home along the road.. and on the way my dad drove past in the car.. he just looked at me and shook his head and kept driving. I felt so horrible at that point.. (My mum and sister were away in the city for the weekend on a sort of holiday thing)

    Later that night when everything was sorted out, me and my dad went for a walk around the property to see the damage.. the flames had gone UNDER one of the bush bashers (Wreck cars... just used for thrashing around the paddocks and running into bushes etc). Didn't blow it up or anything though somehow o_O My dad sat me down on the front verandah and gave me a beer. He was really cool about it all, but he was telling me how much shit I'd be in from my mum, lol. Needless to say, when my mum came home, I was grounded for 6 months. (I have NEVER been grounded in my life.. my parents didn't really believe in grounding.. but this seemed to warrant it, lol).

    So that's my story, that turned out to be quite long, lol. Was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me in my life.
  2. My story takes place around christmas time when I was around 8. At that age I was pretty much a pyromaniac and was in love with fire crackers. So I talk my dad into buying me one of those spinning type fireworks where you nail it down to something and it just spins and makes alot of sparks. Well being the entrepreneur that I am, I figured well if a nail comes with the fire cracker it should be nailed to the wall and lit. So I proceed to hammering the firecracker in the washroom, then lighting it and let me tell you. It wasnt what I expected the sparks were HUGE and they went flyin everywhere. I started panicin like crazy and ran and got a wet towel to throw on top of this crazy ball of sparks. Needless to say by the time it burnt itself out one side of the bathroom was charcoal black, with all the wallpaper missing.

    PS I got a pretty good spankage from my dad for that :D
  3. i streaked through my old high school's varsity football field....not during a game or anything, but it's right along a major street and it was at nighttime. Being from a small town i easily could've been seen from someone i know or a cop and been fucked lol i was pretty wasted too that night
  4. a quarter of snow in one night. that was pretty scary.

    i did involuntary donuts in a church lawn with a drunk/xanaxed/high driver. scary and a half.

    got lost in a walmart when i was four. scary as well.
  5. back in the day of 8th grade summer so i was becoming a freshmen i was like 14 and so like hella hazing used to go on back then so walking around at night on major roads is dangerous well of course me n my friends decide we r invincible and take a video camera and walk around this main road and film dumb shit were doing and then like some truck goes by 70 miles an hr in a 35 zone and were like holy shit thank god they didnt see us and we here this screeching of tires and look back to see them making a u-turn and flooring it towards us so we book down this side street and they were only like 20 feet behind us so we dodge into someones back yard and run thru like 4 back yards and hide in some1s bushes behind their house and we hear then revving the ngine yelling shit like "ur gonna fucking die freshmen!!" so we r naturally shitting our pants...well we got all of it on film and they get out their car and come looking for us in the back yards and after like 30 min they left but kept like coming back that way occasionally so we chilled scared as shit in this persons back yard for like 2 hours and right after they left the first time i toked a fat J w/ my friends to chill us out and to pass the time it was fun after that but god damn i was scared
  6. ^^ i think i saw that on dazed and confused.
  7. up my road there is a tressle ( 300 meter long bridge for trains ) with a massive river below about 200 ft down. This track is only about 3 meters wide , if one did happen to go by with people walking on it, they'd be ragg dolled. When i was 8 , me and my friend went up there to chill and scope it out. Were chillin there and then he comes up with the idea he wants to walk across, im like what if a train comes? he said no we could make it. So being the little daredevils we were, we walk, and about half way across we see a fucking train barelling down the tracks!! were like FUUUUUCK!!!! there is no fucking waay we can make it back in time, were scared shitless, and don't know what to do thinking our time is up, death knocking on our doorsteps, fate in the trains this time the train is almost we jump. the whole 200ft down i was thinking this was it for me, i was 8! im still alive...
  8. My story takes place when I was 5. Me and my bro were playin with the playdoe machine and we got to thinkin. So we decide to stick my finger in the playdoe machicine and it cut the top of my right middle finger clean off. (well just all the skin leading to the nail) but it was bad and blood was squirting everywhere and theres even a stain on the ceiling of my old house. lol The skin grew back now and all I have now is a small scar and a good story.
  9. Ouch!
  10. Couple years back me, my brother and one of the kids from down the road went roaming into the woods at the end of my neighborhood and went pretty deep. Wound up in a swamp like area and we had been back there a couple times before and for the past couple days we had been cutting at a tree with a handsaw. So finally we got it down and just after it fell I was in motion to swing the handsaw down into the tree stump like an axe just to have it stick there but my little brother decided to set his hand on the stump at the exact same time so I chop the tips of his 2 middle fingers off. Now keep in mind we're pretty deep in the woods so it would take a minute to make it back to anyone's house. So we all just book it to the nearest house...we find our way into a rich neighborhood full of doctor's houses. It's midday during the week so like noone is home. We go to 3 different houses and finally find someone home and the woman is so fucking stupid....she sits there and calls random people on the phone asking what she should do while my brother is sitting outside bleeding like a mofo balling his eyes out. Finally I'm like "lady just fucking call 911 already" she finally does and an ambulance shows up. I call my mom and in normal traffic and doing the speedlimit it takes like 30 minutes to get from her work to where we were. She beat the damn ambulance there. Anyways he wound up having to get microscopic surgery that night and the doc said if I had gone like a centimeter lower I woulda hit a nerve. But his fingers are fine now....just a scar on both of em.
  11. removing 100 clones in the am hours out my back window while the cops got three unmarked on my block....turns out the guy next door made some threats where he was fired from...

    when your workin with near 300 plants you get a little spooked sometimes...
  12. oooh that had to hit your nerves
  13. u guys an ur chopping finger storys, there not even interesting, just gross, no more please!
  14. I don't know if anybody has ever been to the Balitmore Aquarium but when I was probably 5-6 I got lost. (My older sister was supposed to be holding my hand ... well that's what my mom said anyway) I just remember walking thinking my mom and everybody were right in front of me. Then I tried to tell her something and that's when I realized she wasn't there. I wasn't scared at first though ... I just thought I couldn't see her. But soon enough I realized she was no where around, and I was on some weird staircase thing and it was really crowded. So I started running around screaming "momma" trying to find her. Then I remember getting really upset and just running to a corner and crying. I mean I was ballin ... I thought they had left me and I didn't think that I was ever going to see them again. Some lady saw me and asked where my parents were and I told her I didn't know. I can't remember if the woman found my mom or if my mom ended up finding me ... I just remember hearing my mom yelling my name from across the room and running towards me. I was so happy ... That to this day ... has to be the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

    I think it's funny though ... you'd think being 5-6 years old I wouldn't really remember anything ... but I remember that day ... I can see it replay in my head. *shudders*

    I later found out that my sister let go of my hand on purpose ... my mom read her diary (she's 7 years older than me so she was 12-13) and she had all kinds of evil plots planned out for me ... she didn't like me very much ... but that's a-whole-nother story
  15. i stuck my ass in this ladys face doin a live news report thing and she was all screamin and shit. what i didnt see was the cop at the intersection. so me and my 2 buddies split the cop was chasing us through bushes and shit. but i made it to my friends appartment
  16. ...........

  17. seriously
  18. I'm in the pyro group.

    My first tokin buddy was also my first burnin' buddy before the weed came. We were like 9, and we had one of our many sleep overs. Just like our sleepovers at 17 consisted of staying up and blazing, when we were 9, it meant we burnt shit. So we were in his room, it's about 2am and PCU is on, and we're making houses out of toothpicks and lighting them on fire. Well I forget what i did, but I just know it ended up with his desk being charred. I thought I lit his whole fucking house on fire, but many cups of water later, we put it out... His desk had some great scars for stories to tell when we had our smoking parties... too bad i don't hang out with him anymore... he got into harder drugs I didn't want to follow.
  19. the scariest thing i have ever pulled off was some jackass stuff the show warns you not to do, you know, but being a young teen i didn't care. i strapped myself to a cheap walmart snowboard and climbed atop my friend's car. he slowly spend up till he was going around 35 mph at which time i decided to depart the top of the car. landing on gravel, i slid on the board maybe ten feet until i ran into a rock i could not just go over and slid the rest of about twenty feet on my face....yeah painful and enough to put you past messing your pants....
  20. I flew an army helicopter into an LZ that was hot. they were firing 51cal. from a machine gun and small arms fire from AK-47's. Aircraft took 43 hits...I took 1. I was scared...

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