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Scary High Stories

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DisguisedStoner, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. one time we went on a roadie at 3:30am. when we started driving the was a mist covering our town and you couldnt see but three feet in front of the car. so we pack a fat one and toke on the way to mcdonalds. as we finish our second bowl the mist got thcker and thicker as i drove. at a stop sign when we had the windows down i say to my friends "dude this looks almost like The Mist (the movie) where everybody dies from some creatures that are in the mist... we all start freaking out. we roll up the windows and floor it from the stop sign. as were leaving the stop sign my buddy screams saying "OMG i just saw some fucking thing move in the mist. Its going to kill us!!" making us freak more.the whole ride back we didnt see one car making it feel like we were in the movie... this was one scary trip
  2. .........I hate to say this....

  3. haha i was there trust me it was freaky mainley the car following us just because we live in a smaller town and he was like the only car we saw it was like a ghost town lol
  4. thats just like out town last night it was super foggy and no one was on the road kinda creepy but i didnt freak out
  5. Or another time we were driving high as fuck and a cop turns his lights on right behind us making us freak but speeds by going sumwhere else. my buddy being high thought he threw our bowl out of the window and we couldnt find it for 30 min. but he just set it down in the cup holder haha
  6. HAHA goodtimes man goodtimes...
  7. That reminds me of the time when my best friend and I were driving to our other
    best friend's house and he lives in a tiny town in the middle of bumfuck.
    It had rained earlier and we were driving there in the dark. When we got to the last highway
    to his house, it was the foggiest I've ever seen anywhere. We could only see 5-7 feet
    in front of my car and I had to go 25 MPH the whole time, we were a little high and then
    he starts talking about Silent Hill. We didn't get freaked out though, we don't trick
    ourselves into think shit like that is a possibility.

    But the scary part was the real danger. That road is twisty and we couldn't see shit.
    Almost went off the road a few times even at that speed. We couldn't see anything at all
    except what was in front of the headlights. Was like a reverse hotbox, lol. We got there
    safely after it took half an hour to drive 3 miles and the fog dissipated by the time we
    were driving back a few hours later.
    Another scary high story was my first car accident. My front tires were new from when I
    was in Texas, and they weren't made for wet roads. Which probably explains why Texans
    get in so many accidents when it rains (I know this from my aunt, cousin, their friends
    and I've seen it, don't want another butthurt Texan to tell me otherwise, please.)

    Anyway, so, shitty tires for my area, it was raining very slightly. It brought the oil up from
    the road but wasn't raining hard enough to wash it away. Also, it was on a hill where
    it happened. We were coming up to a stoplight at the bottom of this hill and
    all I remember is yellow light, braking, sliding about 25 feet and trying to keep the car
    from fishtailing. We hit the back of an SUV and it smashed the FUCK out of the
    front of my car. My friends had weed and pills on them, so they were paranoid and
    ate it all even though I told them we wouldn't get searched because of the situation (the
    officer didn't even ask if we were intoxicated, dumbasses.) This was a 30 MPH crash
    on a 35 MPH road.

    So I had to get out and talk to an officer and my mom came and got me and my friends.
    The officer was really friendly and understanding. He kind of felt bad for me, how much
    I was shaking. While I was talking to him, he pointed out someone else who slid through
    the red light in another lane. I don't look at all like I do any drug at all. Extremely

    The other person's SUV had a tiny dent on the rear bumper. It looked like a golf ball had
    hit it, and my car was totally fucked, all the internals were smashed and fluids leaking.
    There were shattered pieces scattered everywhere. Some truck at the stoplight contained
    some bitches who were pointing and laughing at us. I hope something just as shitty
    happened to them. So that was my first car accident. It instantly killed my high and
    kept me in my room for 4 months because of how far away I lived from anywhere.
    Those are just two of my many scary high stories.

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