scary day in the mountains

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    weeding out my patch, whistling, and humming a silly song to pass time
    when i heard some branches snap directly in front of me about 60 yards.
    figured it was probably a deer i spooked
    and really thought nothing about it so i go back to work, few minutes later i hear it again, this time its closer, much closer.
    this time i started to wonder to myself
    "what the fuck is that"?
    as im iooking around, i got the very distinct
    impression that I was being watched.
    so as i turn my head back towards the front,
    from where the sound was coming from,
    i see it, not 30 yards directly in front of me
    is a mountain lion.
    at first i thought i was seeing shit, then i seen its tail start swishing side to side,
    and as i looked, it's gaze was fixated on me
    i stared at it, it stared right back, no blinking
    no nothing, just stared at me the way. a damn house cat would stare at a mouse.
    i was shocked, i was shaking so bad, I was
    terrified, i mean the kind of terror you experience when you think your going to die.
    experts say to look big and sound mean
    if you think a attack is imminent, ummm,
    yeah, fuck that, i i started to back up very slowly, with my eyes fixed on him /her.
    hoping to god i dont trigger, a chase response in the damn thing,
    i kept backing up and slowly, walking backwards, got a little distance between me and it, the whole time it just kept staring at me.
    by the grace of God I kept backing down the road because i damn sure wasn't turning my back to it.
    it never started my way thankfully, and i made it the whole 2 miles back down the mountain safely.
    neighbor was chased by it not two months prior in the same exact location on his fourwheeler..
    only problem growing outdoors.....YOUR NEVER ALONE......
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  2. Probably.......
  3. Wtf man well done. Your lucky that lion didn’t rip your heart, bladder, intestines and stomach and didn’t eat them.
  4. yep
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  5. never been so scared man ever in my life
    now my glock 19 10mm goes everywhere with me
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  6. Just imagine that lion u saw eating you alive while your on the ground and watching that thing eat your body while blood is spurting everywhere.

    Anyways good to learn how to survive if you see a lion
  7. Well don’t kill it lol, carry some mace (bear spray) haha
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  8. Carry the Glock of course, but don't use it. I've seen three here. One fucked with me similar to how you're describing, I used to go on a lot of night hikes. In all of the other incidents the lions ran away from me. They're curious animals, but yeah, they're very similar to panthers so it can kill you. Just make sure it's not curiosity that kills the cat.
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  9. *you're

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  10. Hand gun for sure
  11. You should write short stories for magazines or websites...........:love-m3j::thumbsup::passing-joint:
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  12. definitely don't stare any predator in the eyes if this ever happens again.

    thats a crazy story!

    I wish I could carry a firearm when I'm out in the middle of no where fishing, in case I come across something similar.

    glad your alright :)
  13. Well played.... they are no joke
    I’m out in the mountains as well so I feel ya
  14. Yeah never go out alone into shit like that.
  15. That's some crazy shit
  16. Peacock that fucker next time, I saw it work with a canadian goose in a gorilla enclosure.
    I wouldve just started pulling at my collar and shootin my cuffs shouting "AY BITCH WHAS GOOD FUCK YOU MOUNTAIN PUSSY".

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