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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MaineTokin, May 3, 2004.

  1. Well it started last night at a friends bday party...After a few hours I busted out my bong and a 1/4th I brought from home and we headed up a trail to blaze....Well the first session went good and we went back inside to chill...But there were a few girls that wanted to smoke and they were real light weights first time smoking and they were stoned after 6 hits, but this was some good shit. Anyway later on after drinking some boos 4 of us went out to smoke again (BAD IDEA FOR THE TWO GIRLS). Well to start after 3 bowls we started to walk back I had to carry one of them back because they got to fucked I should have stopped them. But when we got back the one I was carrying desided to puke and started to choke on it.. Me being stoned freaked out spun her around and let her puke out some really nasty yellow shit...First thing going through my mind was alcohole poisoning and I freaked out again. So we go back inside and I sit her up on the couch and keep talking to her and moving her over a bucket to puke, until she got alot better and jsut fell asleep. Thats one thing Im never going to do again is mix boos,weed, and women together in one night as you can see it sometimes comes out really shitty.

    -anyone have any type of experiance like that?
  2. I haven't had any kind of experience like that but i must commend you, I've known people who would just ditch the girls because they were too much trouble. Hopefully they won't regret toking just because of this, your help will probably infulence their view of pot in the future.
  3. Yah bro i know what u mean. My girlfriend had to much to drink one night and i should have stopped her but she seemed fine at the time. So we go into the hot tub and hangout and all of a sudden she fucken crashes. So i finally get her up and take her into the house and right before we get into the house she pukes all over the place. So im like o fuck cuz im drunk and i thought she had alcohol posioning. So after the puking i take her up stairs and she lays down on the bed. She passes out and 4 hours later she wakes up and feels fine. Crazy times.
  4. lol. Man I had a party at mine back late last year and the girls clogged up 2 of my bathrooms w/ all their puking. :( I hate watching over girls who can't control their alcohol.
  5. yah me to lovestoblaze it makes me depressed i hate seeing girls like that :( also its a pain in the ass watching over them haha
  6. it's still hilarious watching them drink though. they're so funny.

  7. haha yeah but this girl was stoned to so she would smile for no reason...pretty funny shit to see someone puke then laugh their ass off from it
  8. hahah they also get really horney when they are drunk!
  9. hell yea they do.
  10. I have had an experience like this before...a friend and I went to a coffeeshop in the Netherlands where we live. In those coffeshops you can not only buy weed, but also all other drugs you may imagine. Ilegally ofcourse. We met up with her two friends, whom I did not know. But after having smoked some weed we all got along fine.

    One of those girls was very religious. Nothing wrong with this, but she did not have any experience with drugs or alcohol. If I would have known this before hand I would not have given her as much weed.

    So after having smoked a few joints we went to a bar to get some booze. She soon started feeling ill. and we told her it would go away. But we were wrong. The girl started throwing up all over the place, and us being stoned and drunk, we could not help but laugh at her. Then zhe lost her conciousness and we had to carry her all the way home.
  11. was at a hotel party, some girl's birthday. the girl who's party it was passed out after like the first hour (she doesn't even smoke).. so we all hung around partyin. another girl i know started throwin up..
    sooo later she was outta it layin around. i carried her to some little side bedroom thing cause some people wanted the main bed. a bit later.. someone's like "tracy's in there throwin up" and just blah.. it is a bit of a buzzkill.
  12. thats why i hate alcohol.... VOMIT! aehhh1!

    disgusting ...i dont know why but ive never puked when i drink ...and thats well... i stopped coutning after 5 shots..

    VOMIT! aehhh1!
  13. great... i hate it when first timers either puke or don't get high cuz then they say .. well it was bad and i'll never do it.. but they never experience the good ones.. people always point out the bad things in life.
  14. Screw people who don't know their limit!

  15. The only way to find out your limit is to go over the top sometimes.
  16. hey everytime i drink and smoke i puke... one time i was with my guy drinkin for a while and this girl calls me up and we go smoke a blunt.. i get back and pound some shots.. and call some girls up and they are on their way prob bout a 15 min drive... not more then 2 min after i got off the phone i was pukin out front of hishouse... lol all i can say is that i tried to get it out as fast as i can so no girls see me lol but its call good i still got laid...

  17. Indeed. :(
  18. Yeah smokin n drinking does that alot to me...mainly when i drink then smoke...but if i smoke then drink its alright.."Grass then beer your in the clear, Beer then grass your on your ass"
  19. last night i was drinkin and smokin with some peeps and shit... drank a pint of jager and smoked bout a half... lol i didnt puke and i was def fucked up... but it was awesome... also i bought the alochol and im only 18... so that was a start to a great night! toke on
  20. people who have never thrown up from booze havent drank enough... take 8 shots of 151 and then tell me u dont throw up and if you dont then w o w i bow to you....

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