Scariest song you have ever heard blazed?

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  1. For me it was definitely Echoes by Pink Floyd. That middle scared the shit out of me the first time. I started to see myself in another world, a really scary one. My heart started to beat faster. It was quit an experience. What was the scariest song you have heard?
  2. not sure what the song is called. But it's on the new Tool cd. We were in my friends car in the middle of the woods and we had just smoked 2g's of dro and It sounds as if you travel through time or something and then you hear the voice of the fucking devil really weird.
  3. Bill Frisell's whole album Richter 858. 8 songs intended to be played along side abstract art. Some of it is very haunting.
  4. Well the first time i listened to Dark side if the mooon, The clocks scared the fuck out of me. Also there was a bonus track on Nirvana's Nevermind CD, 13 minutes and 51 seconds into the last track, which also scared the shit out of me cuz I had thought the CD stopped playing and my stereo was still cranked up. LOL.
  5. Don't know the name of the 'song', but I came home from blazing and turned on the tube and
    Klaus Nomi came on and started screeching. Scared the shit out of me.

    Wish I knew what I was watching cuz the rest of it looked pretty cool.
  6. From the early 70's a song called D.O.A. by a band called Bloodrock.

    The song is sung from the perspective of a plane crash victim, who is bleeding to death as he sings, bemoaning his dead girlfriend lying next to him, while hearing the rescue workers pronounce him dead too. In one verse he says he is trying to move his arm, but looks and sees there is no arm left to move. Happy, happy,joy joy, it ain't!

    The chorus goes, " I remember, we were flying low, and hit something in the air"...and the sound of sirens wailing in the background is chilling to say the least!
  7. Mine would have to ca be some badass song by Aphex Twin. I was so high at the time i couldn't tell u the name but it was a trip.:smoking:
  8. The entire album, Skinny Puppy's The Process, it's genre is "Terror," it's honestly scary. God, I love it.
  9. ambiance artise LUSTMORD made an album on June 6, 2006 comprised of one track recorded in an empty arena in London (i think) filled with sounds of underworld torture, growling beasts, etc. get real high, listen to that track in the dark. quite fun.
  10. There's this band called Blut Aus Nord that makes the music they play in hell. It's really fucked up and scary. I was listening to it in the dark before I went to bed one night, real stoned, and it freaked me out enough to turn it off.

    Sweet band though.
  11. HaHaHa! You are right!! That is the scariest song stoned or straight. My older sister "V" May she rest in peace, Had that album, and played it for me back in the seventies when I was about five years old. It really stuck with me through the years.

    Thanks Medicine Al, for helping me remember fun memories of my sister.
  12. Scared? By music? Hm. Thats a new one. Music will evoke a lot of emotions from me, but fear is almost exclusively the only one I can never recall experiencing as a result of listening to music.
  13. I love Lustmord! I'm excited to see what he's contributing to Puscifer later this month. :hello:
  14. Some things by Devin Townsend. :]
  15. Anything by SUNN O)).
    They're mostly droning guitars and shrieking.
    I put it on to fuck with my friends, and it works.
  16. theres this reaky song by the beatles called revolition #9
    its like loops of noises and stuff
    trippy shit
  17. Dazed and Confused, by Zeppelin.
  18. Small Species of Furry Animals by Pink Floyd
  19. Probablly A7X they came on and i was like ewww... and thats the most scared i have ever been from music...

  20. I have to have that for my sig. +rep

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