Scared shit less...

Discussion in 'General' started by WhatsaBong, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Ok... So I'm alone in my house and some one texted me to go outside my LOCKED room. I head something, no one's home for 2weeks, So I might die...
    BUT I GOT A KNIFE, anyways.
    Love you blades, good life. I'm litterly scared shit less
  2. Might be time to stay in that locked room OP. Dont respond to texts that will get you killed.

    ALSO Be careful..:bolt:
  3. just go out there and if someone is pounce and fuck em up.
  4. Text them back, lets face it OP it's probably a friend fucking with you. Be careful you don't accidentaly kill somebody :p
  5. well...all the fuck i can say is he should have bought a gun...

    There are several in my house and if someone tells me to come outside at night or some shit id probably bring the pump or the .38

    Op prolly done killed some poor motherfucker by now, he's up at the station getting fucked with
  6. ...I'm prepared for this shit though! I got food for like a week, but no drinks OR WEED.

    On a serious note, if you call the cops and they come and nobodies here can I get a fine or something? Because I swear to fucking god my door handle moved a while back...

  7. Don't call the cops, your just high. Chill it's a friend fucking with you :p just stay in your room until your sober
  8. [quote name='"Skunky Monkey"']

    Don't call the cops, your just high. Chill it's a friend fucking with you :p just stay in your room until your sober [/quote]

    He said he doesn't have weed lol
  9. Balls up, open the door and knife the intruder. ;)
  10. You should probably hide under the bed, in a fetal position.

  11. Fixed ;)

  12. I'm not high though, and how would a friend get inside my house? Cause if they broke my window or lock JUST for a joke, I'll break their necks.
  13. Sucking on his thumb would only complete it more.

  14. There's nobody in your house man, and if your so tough why don't you go out there then a break some necks...:p

  15. And wearing a school uniform 3 sizes small. :D
  16. location: Texas.
    redneck on crack intruder alert hide ya kids hide ya wife.

  17. SON, I'm only tough with a gun.
    I'd break their necks by having them stay over, then SURPRISE! YOU'RE A VEGETABLE!
  18. Well then, I'm going out with a 4inch knife so if you guys see on the news "Keller Texas, man going to jail after stabbing someone" REMEMBER! Damn, Long live OP I'll be arrested in my boxers to make you guys know it's me.

    Seriously though, scared out of my life. Love you guys, I'll be back hopefully with answers.

  19. OK dude, update as soon as possible

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