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Scared Ill whitey?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OnSomeShit, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Okay so basically I'm meeting this girl tomorrow (she's pretty hot) and I found out today she's like a massive stoner and she asked me if I wanna smoke sometime. So I said yes obviously, and then she said "i've got some pretty strong shit" and I was like okay :/. But now i'm scared I'll pass out haha? I've been round the weed culture for ages (all my friends toke, listen to juicy j wiz ect.) but never actually smoked. Do you think I'll pass out if it's actually "pretty strong shit"? 
    Cheers :)

  2. probably not. just start slow. if youre new and overdo it it can.

    don't try and lie about your weed usage either. usually noob stoners are quite obvious and experienced ones like introducing people anyway
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  3. you wont pass out but youll be high as fuck.
    you should tell her its your first time.
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  4. Cheers guys haha :)
  5. yeah dude, let her know you havent smoked much at all.
    if she laughs, laugh with it be all"aha yknow, thats me man"
    but if shes a bitch about it, then screw it, bail. she aint worth it anyways.
    but youre not gonna pass out, youll just be flying for hours.
    man, i wish i could go back to my first time lol
    more importantly though, have fun with it.
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  6. Most important piece of advice. Don't be actin crazy. Take it slow and let the good times roll.

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    i second that
  8. Just tell her you never smoked before.  Only smoke how much you want to smoke.  Never feel pressured by other people.
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  9. l i v i n
  10. Just take a few hits and you'll be good man. I seriously took 3 good hits (I smoke cigs) and I was high as fuck first time. The shit I had back then wasn't good shit either.

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    chances are she'll be ripped after a couple of hits.. that's usually how it works with teenaged "massive stoners"
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  12. You might start acting really weird. Lol

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  13. Noo not at all. It'll just get you really high. And that's a good thing. So don't stress out about it. Just chill with the babe and get high, watch some funny shit on tv, then fuck
  14. Aww budding stoner love. You should just let her know straight up youre new to smoking. Its not that serious. Theres a first time for everything. Its better than lying and playing it off like you smoke and then making a fool out of yourself. Take it slow and enjoy your time w/her. Im pretty sure she wont think any less of you. :)
  15. Yeah, don't get too fucked up OP...She might rape you.....if you're lucky.
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  16. Yeah bruh just take it slow.....if you do to much you'll end up looking stupid so just sit back and chill.
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    If all your friends listen to juicy j and wiz, then they might not actually be stoners. When did that become the definition of the weed culture?? My roommate plays the Beatles at work n people ask him why he listens to "stoner music".
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  18. No they are haha

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  19. I don't see the correlation.. no matter what music someone listens to, they "might not actually be stoners". What do you consider a "stoner"? Someone who listens to popular rap music apparently probably isn't a smoker.
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    I wouldn't classify myself as a stoner, but I'm a daily toker, I just feel I belong... somewhere... else... hah idk. I guess music preference is indeed ambiguous. I just think it's silly to classify weed culture as associated with wiz or juicy j. Here, let me bust you some of their creative weed lyrics.
    "let's get high, let's get stoned, take a hit of this and you won't make it home."
    Very original, defines the counter culture I'm in, fo sho.
    I mean to be honest the biggest smokers I know listen to this dredge but that doesn't mean that it's any good nor that I admire their ability to spend hundreds a month on weed.
    Also, OP, don't smoke to impress a girl. Seems silly. Plus, they say if you date a drug user... you buy twice the drugs and use twice the drugs, ahah.
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