Scared i might get busted!! HELP!

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  1. Alright so yesteray im at the PUBLIC library that we as tax payers pay for (this will come into play later), any way im there with like 7 people just chillin waitin for bud. Well about 30 minutes later the town cop pulls in like a bat outta hell and my friend says "lemme guess we gotta leave" He says "Nope, you are all underarrest for trespassing" im like wtf we were sittin on the benches at the library how are we tresspassing? (library is in the middle of town) Well he starts talking some shit about vandalism happening and im freaking out at this point. I have my peice in my pocket and was getting scared. Well like a blessing from the fucking skies a damn motor cycle drives by town at about 70 and this cop freaks out and we say "umm... so us sitting at a library isn't as important as that" he gets in his car says he knows all of us and leaves. We wait 30 minutes and i like threw my pipe by the station in the grass. Every ones parents show up and start getting pissed. Well one of my bestfriends didnt see us and walks to the store where this guy on the motorcycle is getting pulled over and the cop stops him while making an arrest for DuI LOL and searches my friend for tobbaco. My friend jumped and the cop slammed him against the car and a sherrif had pulled up at this time. They found a knife on him and arrested him aswell as this drunk driver lol. About 15 minutes later he comes back, btw we are all sitting on the steps outside at the station its by the library. And he says Every one can go but (not real name) bob, well apparently bob had been told not to sit there but we werent aware. Well the parents start saying that they pay for the library to even be here and if the kids want to sit there they can. Well i got in a car and left.

    Im kinda worried bout that pipe i threw i tried to find it today but couldn't think i should stress over it?

  2. You have nothing to worry about, I'm sure (I hope) this cop has more pressing business then tracing a glass pipe back to you.
  3. Let's see how long it takes for the age police to show up :smoke:
  4. Lol the dude with the knife is getting raided RIGHT now like 10 cops are at his house...
  5. The parents? Dude, don't hang out with minors, especially when things like illegal substances come into play. That's asking for trouble.
  6. [quote name='"GodGaveUsWeed"']Let's see how long it takes for the age police to show up :smoke:[/quote]

    Exactly. This story is a prime example of underage users. Seriously dude "everyone's parents came down" that's the biggest giveaway clue right there.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. do you happen to live in a town called barre? it sounds exacly like it, but chill dude whats done is done, you cant change it so change the way you think of it, how would they prove its yours? if you get pulled back to the station and they interigate you NEVER give in, tey have no proof it was yours so theyre trieing to trick you into admitting it, they can do that by telling you they wont trick you, bullshit right? me and my friend found a cabin miles into the woods and we decided to smoke in it so we kicked the door in and whatdo you know its got a fucking alarm lmao what luck do i have but i dropped my peice on the floor and ran and some how they found me camping where i souldnt have and put it together, if i was tricked and admitted it then i would have 3 feloneys but i lied and got off free, heres a tip: when you lie stare into their eyes and dont look figgity and nervous
  9. I love peoples who say : "Fuck police", then when they need them they are like puppies. They are doing their job, chill out.
  10. theres some cool cops actually doing their jobs, protecting the people, then theres cops that hastle kids that are just hanging out and dicks that have no respect for anyone under 20 and just treat them like theyre all punks
  11. Umm he got searched for tobacco because he keeps dipping in class lol he is only 17 turning 18 in may, and i wasnt hangin out with minors every one except for one of these kids from another town who i was helping hook up with some bud was 17+ the other kid was like 16
  12. 17 is still a minor bro.
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    I don't understand a lot of stuff in this story.

    1. Why would you wait to pick up weed at a library if it's right next to the police station?

    2. You can't be arrested for "trespassing" if you're sitting on a bench on public property.

    3. If the cop left to go after a guy on a motorcycle, why were you all still at the library? You said it was a "blessing" that he left, so I'm assuming there were no other cops there and you guys could have just walked off.

    4. When did this cop have time to call everyone's parents if he took off to go after the guy on the motorcycle?

    5. The Fourth Amendment applies to minors as well. It is only illegal to BUY tobacco under the age of 18, it is NOT illegal to possess it. Even if it was, having "used" tobacco in school before would not give a cop PC.

    Absolutely nothing in this story sounds right.
  14. did he legit get raided? if so what for?
  15. how do you get arrested for a knife in your pocket wtf? srsly dude yall sound far to young srsly
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    Minors can get cited for possession of tobacco. It happened to kids at my highschool all the time, and made them illegible to play for sports, which sucked for half of he football team that chewed.
  17. Perhaps it varies from state to state, but regardless having had tobacco on him in the past still doesn't give PC for a search.
  18. If the cops were giving you shit why did you all stay at the library?
  19. The cops wont waste their time trying to trace a bowl back to you. Ive left worse things in more obvious places. Cops have more important things to do.
    Side note: A pick up at a library? Thats asking to get caught.
  20. woah, woah. Don't say "fuck the police". A cop gave me a warning for going 18 over yesterday. Some aren't bad...

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