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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Timeconsumer420, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. So i just had this thought a few days ago, and was wondering what everyone had to say about it. I am all for legalization and everything, but i am scared about one thing. If it is legal, and anyone over the age of 18 or 21 or whatever can legally buy it, im scared that stupid kids will start buying it, and do stupid shit like hurting themselves, and causing accidents. Just like with alcohol. I'm worried that so much of that would happen after legalization that many peopel would start to think it should be illegal again,therefore it wouldnt remain legal for long.

  2. Stupid kids already have easy access to it. If anything making it legal will slightly reduce the 'taboo' factor and most likely fewer kids will smoke it. A lot of kids, including kids on this very website, get 'turned on' by the fact that it is illegal.
  3. Those kids are already smoking it.
    Some do stupid shit when they're high, most are just fine.

    Everywhere's that passed any type of legalization has found use by teenagers and use by the population as a whole has gone down.

    The numbers speak for themselves. Legalization makes use go down.

    Some people will always do dumb stuff when high just as some people will always do dumb stuff when drunk. It doesn't mean that marijuana should be illegal.
  4. Just because they're kids doesn't mean they're stupid. ;)
    And I don't get "turned on" by illegal things. Never have, probably never will.

  5. I don't think anyone singled anyone out. Yes, not all kids are stupid, and no not everyone gets a thrill from doing something just because it's illegal. The latter two qualities are often found in correlation though.
  6. Kids/Adults abuse Dextromethorphan all the time; but are you going to deny patients their cold medicine? I think not. The purpose of the legalization is to grant easier access to those who need it and make it more affordable. Every drug is going to be abused, there's no way around it - just don't punish the patients because of it...
  7. I think the worry comes in when if legalized the following days/weeks of new coverage. I'm just sure we will see news stories trying to sound scandalous finding every stupid kid that did something dumb in order to put on the news. Saying the horrors legalizing such a drug could cause, when in reality they were already happening, just now the news is focusing on it. Leading to the possible recriminalization.
    I doubt it'll happen but I would find the news more entertaining.
  8. Lol indeed they are.
  9. and a lot of people do stupid shit when sober. :p
  10. The people that do stupid things on weed (kids and adults) are usually stupid with or without it.

    Not trying to fight you or anything, but a lot of us are pushing for more than just medical, full on legalization like with alcohol. I don't need it for any medicinal reasons, as a lot of people out there don't. I just like to get stoned every now and then after a long hard day at work. The one fear I've had is that if it is legalized, it will only be for medical, which will be great for the people who need it, don't get me wrong, but the rest of us will still be criminals in the same way that people abuse most other prescriptions.

    In some places if you get caught with a prescription drug that is not yours they try and hit you with a felony, which would lead me to believe that if weed was legalized only with a script, it could take what used to be a misdemeanor crime in a lot of places and make it into a felony. Not to mention we would still be feeding crime through dealers and whatnot (although not as bad as it is now probably). I could be wrong, no way to tell until something happens. Just a fear I've been having about this lately. Someone else on here might be able to set me straight on this as I might not have all the facts.
  11. Thank you. I'm all for medical use and for making it a first priority and first step, but I get tired of the medical crowd discounting the fact that many people like to use it recreationally as well, AND that it's an order of magnitude safer than tobacco or alcohol.

    I won't rest until there is full legalization. I happen to use it for a variety of reasons, but frankly it's a plant and I should be able to use it any way I see fit that doesn't cause harm to anyone.
  12. Viva La Revolution!! :smoking:
  13. I know that personally I wouldnt smoke if it didnt make me feel like such a badass. I cum a little bit every time I see a cop and have bud with me.
    But in all seriousness I am worried about the price of bud skyrocketing when its legal because uncle sam will see a golden opportunity to stick his hands in our wallets.

  14. The price will have to decrease under legalization, not increase.

    The biggest advantage of legalization will be to drive the cartels and drug dealers out of the marijuana market. This will not happen if the price of legal bud is higher than the price of illegal weed.

    Illegal producers require extra compensation to reward them for the risk they take, as legal producers won't take this risk they'll be able to produce their herb for a lower price than their black market counterparts. Even after taxation.

    The price will fall, quality will improve, security when purchasing and consuming the herb will increase.
  15. I am pretty sure you can't say that until it is known how high the taxes would be on marijuana if it was legalised and I have a feeling they would be higher than tobacco and alcohol
  16. If the prices, even including taxes, were higher than they are now it would make legalization a failure for the most part. I've bought illegal cigarettes before just because a carton of Marlboros for $15 is a lot better than $40 or whatever it is in the store. People would pretty much do the same thing with weed.
  17. They would have to make the taxes truly confiscatory. I'll say it: if it's legalized it will be cheaper than the ripoff prices dealers AND dispensaries are currently charging.
  18. that's true.

    That's why we have to press that the reason for legalization is to end the cartel murders. If it's done for that reason then the govn't will be forced to keep the tax low enough so that it doesn't encourage people to buy from the black market.

    Leo claims than the price of legal weed will be the "street price plus a tax". This is nonsense! The price of legal weed will be the street price less whatever it takes to prevent people from buying from dealers.

    The prohibition deliberately keeps the street price high, it's a stated goal of the prohibition. So there is plenty of room to set an after-tax legal price at a level that discourages consumers from buying from the street.
  19. I think some people just hear "Government" and automatically assume a butt-fucking because they do messed up stuff sometimes. The government isn't always out to destroy the American people. And at the same time they can't please everyone.
  20. dont hold your breath for getting it legalized, for that to happen the U.S. government would have to admit that after all these years they were wrong and they have way too much pride to actually do it.:mad:

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