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  1. Hello all,

    Well, I'm about 2 weeks into germination/vegging. My littl'uns are doing alrught ( thie timer just kicked on so I'm gonna check 'em out in a minute). Congrats all to those of you reaping the bounties of your harvests. I have yet to get a single plant to full budding/harvesting ( my last one -my first attempt ever really- died of over watering I think...I got it into flowering for quite a while, but accidentally killed it :( .. live and learn right?). This time I think I will be successful, just have to wait and find out I guess.

    I am still having trouble in the meantime finding any available smoke for purchase in the area. It is SCARCE around here. Most people who are still able to get it are taxing it like there's no tomorrow. I always hoped as "fellow smokers" we could all put aside the Greed Factor when it's hardest to come across, but I guess the "Love of Money" is too easy to choose over "Spreading The Love" as we in my "smoking circle" used to muse happily over in our younger days of smoking. I understand that if you pay a high price to get it yourself, you understandably need to at least keep things even moneywise (unless you are independantly wealthy, as most of the people I know are not), but I also know that many of these people taxing the hell outta the plant that should be legal anyhow are NOT getting it at overly inflated prices.
    To these people I say: For Shame! It is people like you that give the anti-pot people someone to point out and say "You see, even these supposedly Happy and Loving marijuana smokers are just as cutthroat as anyone else."
    Shame on you Greedy Taxers!!

    Hopefully the buds will begin flowing a little more around here. If not, oh well..Life's a bitch and then you die as they say, right? :)

    Did anyone catch the latest issue of Time magazine? If not, I recommend you find a copy. There are not one, but TWO articles on pot. Both very surprisingly unbiased. Most of us who like to keep tabs on where our country's mood sits in the legalization area are used to hearing mostly negatively biased, misinformation articles on how weed is going to be the ruin of all society. I however applaud Time magazine's articles as it keeps the issue balanced and unbiased (and even at times pointing out some of the misinformation the Government Propaganda Machine spits out as well as putting several positive spins on a possible time when and if pot should be legalized). The first article (The New Politics of Pot, pgs. 56-61) is- in a nutshell -about the most recent attempts at making the herb legal and explains the many ways the government selfishly, yet efficiently, spreads their ignorance to the public at large. The second article (Is Pot Good For You?, pgs. 62-66) gives (finally) actual FACTS about pot, most of them exposing the lies the government wants John Q. Public to believe. BRAVO TIME MAGAZINE!!! Bravo!
    By the way, for those of you who have or can get a copy of this issue, check out the picture in the bottom right-hand corner of page 63. Now THAT'S a prescription I'd be EAGER to fill ;) .

    Well, it's time to tend to my mini-garden (wink wink), so Peace Out to All, and to All a Great Harvest! Keep those pics coming in-- it's the closest some of us are going to get to seeing any pot anytime soon (and besides, it's gotta be fun to know that you are making hundreds or thousands of people drool like spit-faucets :D ).

    Spreading the Love,

  2. Id venture to say you were the author of this article... huh? :wink wink, nudge nudge:: comon now...

    I saw it at the store and kind of chuckled when I saw it... not everyday you see a magazine with a huge fan leaf on it staring you in the face... however i couldnt scrape together enough change to be able to buy it... perhaps if it is still there I will make a second attempt... if not ill put on a pair of sunglasses and accept charity...

    as far as scarcity, we have a cop up in my rural area of the states, that just recently made a bust of around 10 lbs. he gave it to his son who is selling it back to the people for triple.

    Pretty usual thing. esp with him lately. it obviously is many others dressed in black/blue also.
    they never want to eradicate such a wealthy commodity, its just strategic placing of material for the most gain in thier end. take it off the streets in the city, bring it here after a long dry spell, make thier money and do it all over again. dirty bastards...

    take care.

  3. It's just sad they way some people work isn't it?
  4. that it is..

    just be glad were not one of em.

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