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  1. I own 2 at this point one an old model from japan with no cover

    more a jewler/chemist level scale no backlight only tar/on off in 2 keys

    very accurate served me well...but I vaule it much too much to go out with as it has no protection

    so I decided to grab another and as luck would have it a local station was selling one of these in black for 30

    at first I felt a bit ripped as it felt weightless even with 2 triple a's in it

    so I start looking it over and notice it feels and seems very cheap..doesn't look good

    next up some weight testing and head to head after calibration with the old one

    shocking as it seems it held its own all the way up to the old ones 120g limit and beyond and to make it all the better the cheap feeling seems to have zero effect on how tough the platform is or how fast & accurate it is

    in short...the city needs to stock these! they work damn good just make sure you use 4 nickles or some other set weight around 20 grams (4 would be an extact 20) to make sure the scales balanced before weighing smaller objects
  2. i think i got a similar scale to that. a 300g version

    with shipping and a 300g calib weight, it turned out to be $22

    ebay roxxxxxxx

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