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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mk9391, May 13, 2010.

  1. I need a scale
    What kind of store would sell the one that is accurate up to .1 g and at a capacity of at least like 200g or something?
    anyone know?
    I don't want to buy online
    help me :)
  2. mine: bt2-1000

    i love it, its accurate and i bought it locally. :hello:
  3. Any gas station that sells paraphanalia.
  4. Online is the cheapest way to get a scale, I just got my scale today that i bought off of amazon for like 10 bucks. Weighed a nickle and got 5.0 also was able to weigh my stash and im at a cool 6.2 g's :smoking: :hello:
  5. headshop,office store,weed store in mall.
  6. Maybe ask your dealer or something. If theyre real straight with you they might hook you up. But Mabey your headshop or any store that sells paraphanalia. Good luck.
  7. 10 bucks on ebay, i know u dont want online but it took 2 days to arrive and was 10 fucking dollars including shipping
  8. the internet is the way to go for a good cheap scale. google it..i have a myweigh that accurate to .01 (hundredth) of a gram x 200g for like 40 bucks
  9. Try looking for a cooking scale. My friend gave me hers and its really nice

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