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Scale recommendations?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by That cool guy, May 26, 2010.

  1. Gana start weighing all my weed out now. Anyone have recommendations for scale models or makers that weight out to the nearest hundredths?

  2. I really don't think you need to go as far as hundreths. If you were like .03 short and pointed it out to the dealer they would probably never sell to you again because you are being too picky. Also, I personally have only seen pocket sized scales go to the tenths place. You could probably find more precise ones but I'm sure they would be a lot more expensive. Even the bulky ones that plug in for high school and college chem classes usually only go to the tenths place. That's just my thought on the subject. I don't really know much about different models and makers so I'm not much help on that. Good luck with finding a scale!
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    Yo dumbass, I'm asking for recommendations.

    Meaning I wan't feedback from the members of this community about their preferences on scale makers or models.

    Nice try, but fail.

    Lol I wouldn't call someone back for .03. I'm in the market for a scale (doesn't have to be a pocket scale). As long as it is a quality scale that measures to the hundredths Ill be happy.
  4. I dont like all the hate :( IT MAKES ME ANGRRY RAWR.

    Who gives a fuck, get a working scale from a variety store, ive had one and its lasted for a long ass time and its perfect
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  6. Yo, newbie.
    A scale is a scale. It weighs shit. Most of them come with long guarantees.
  7. That smoke shops down here all have $20 scales that break easily or end up not weighing out accurately sooner or later. I just wana know who makes good scales...
  8. Maybe because you're looking at $20 scales.
    If you want higher quality, buy something more expensive. The two go hand in hand and there'll be a couple years guaranteed with that.
  9. You can get a My Weigh scale for $30 that comes with a 30 year or Lifetime warranty and is very accurate. You can calibrate them if needed too.
  10. #11 That cool guy, May 26, 2010
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    Your still not helping me... Pointing out the obvious saying "$20 will get me a cheap scale" is pretty redundant.
    Fucking stoners... lol :rolleyes:

    Thank you for your input JollyStoner. The My Weigh scales look nice.
  11. Any scale costing 100$ is going to have a long warranty, and longer life. Yes, I'm telling you to go buy an expensive scale. Any of them they all do the same job.
  12. i have a proscale. u can get them mad cheap. on the grasscity website the 18 dollar model i def recomend
  13. You dont need to spend $100 to have a good scale. The $30 scales have lifetime warranties and work perfect. I have calibration weights that I test them against and they work just fine.
  14. I have a scale that I bought for £10, which is like 15-20$. Came with calibration weights, a 3 year guarantee, been four years now and is still working fine. Weighs to 0.01 and can weigh up to 500g.

  15. Says the dude with 19 posts :rolleyes:

    Some scales are better than others. My friend has a cheap scale that weighs to thousandths. My school has $400 scales that weigh to thousandths. Which do you think is more accurate?

  16. I was referring to new to the world of the ganja.

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