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scale question?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xv9186, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I have one of those cheap pocket scales like this: and when I put a dollar on it etc it scales out correctly but I bought an eighth, and my dealer weighed it in front of me and it was like 3.6 and I weighed it when I got home and my scale said like 2.6. So does anybody have this scale and any ideas to fix it?
  2. Was your dealers scale zeroed? That sounds like the problem in that story. And by that I mean he shorted you.
  3. [quote name='"WeedBratton"']Was your dealers scale zeroed? That sounds like the problem in that story. And by that I mean he shorted you.[/quote]

    Nah his was definitely right. I bought an eighth from someone else before this too (but he didn't weigh it in front of me) and it was like 2.4 when I weighed it
  4. Make sure to reset your scale, and try again. I'd text him or call him and just politely say "hey I weighed this out myself and its only 2.6 I think your scale was off can we meetup again?" or something. If he's fair and honest he'll be like "sure no problem."

    It could be that your scale is broken too.
  5. definitely don't do that unless you positive you got shorted, which you said you werent
  6. Put an nickel on your scale. How much does it weigh?
  7. Yea, he needs to figure out if its his scale or if it was the other guys. Reset it, and place an empty pop can on the scale. It should weigh out to 15.6 grams, if it doesn't, its your scale.

    Or do what sandiego said, pick a nickel on. It should weigh 5 grams.
  8. I'm still inclined to believe you've been shorted, but now I think it's been done twice. It may have not been done on purpose, but if you didn't know the weight of that first pick-up when you got it, you can't guarantee your scale was off by 1 gram in that situation.

    But, if that is the case, then maybe theres something about the surface that you're putting the scale on at home that flux with the reading. Although I'm not entirely sure what could cause such a thing. Try resetting the scale?
  9. You might need to recalibrate your scale, or check the batteries.
    Ive got a pretty high end geological scale (it goes down to thousandths yo!) But when the juice is low it starts acting fuckey...

    change your batteries and Use the nickel trick, as previously suggested, and come back to us with the results...
  10. I have a cheap scale too and it's often wrong. Make sure that the scale is zeroed out properly. Take out the batteries too to reset the calibration.

    Definitely DO NOT ask your dealer to meet up again to reweigh it.. especially because you only bought an 8th. If you bought in weight like a HP or something and I was sure I got ripped off by a lot, I would ask him to reweigh it but that's the only time.
  11. If the batteries are low it wont read right...also a regular baggie weighs 1 gram if he weighed it 3.6 in the baggie
  12. Why not ask your dealer to meetup again? If you're tight, and you think it was an honest mistake, whats the problem? I pickup from dealers who are my friends, if I saw it weighed to 3.5 then went home and was sure my scale was right, and it weighed out to 2.5 I'd just call him up and say "hey I think your scale was off I'm weighing this eighth to 2.5 do you have time to check it again?"

    $50 isn't a lot, but it's enough where I know I would call up my guy if I was sure it was off. I want my moneys worth.
  13. I did the nickel trick and it came out to 5. Do you think it would read weed more accurately if it was grinded up?

  14. Nope.

    Hit up your dealer and ask if you can compare scales.

    Work something out from there...
  15. Call him up, or text him, and say it didn't weigh out to 3.5. Say you'll bring your scale and the bud, just make sure you haven't smoked any yet.. If you have, that might be a problem, and it depends how much you smoked.

    If you smoke like a .3 gram bowl then that doesn't mean you shouldn't get the other .7, just tell him when you meet up "I already smoked a bowl but it still wasn't 3.5 originally, so just minus [the amount you already smoked] from 1 gram" or whatever.

    And grinded or not, it will weigh the same as if it was buds.
  16. Because that's basically accusing your dealer of ripping you off. It's one thing if it's a close friend but where I'm at, you could get knifed.
  17. Did you weigh it in the bag? Because bags do have weight. If he weighed it in the bag and you weighed it out of the bag, then there is your problem.

    I've noticed that my scale actually says that grinded weed is lighter than nugs.. not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with the way weight is distributed.

    Only solution I can think of: Get a good scale, not a cheap one from a drug store. You'll only have to spend the money once on the scale and you'll never have this problem again
  18. I wouldn't go back if i was the dealer. I mean he took his time to get you what you wanted AND scaled in front of you. Anyone can take shit out of their bag after you've given it to them.
  19. #19 burtontoker, Nov 25, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 25, 2011
    Thats the thing though, I wouldn't consider it being ripped off. I consider it just a malfunction with a scale. It's actually helping the dealer if anything, because he doesn't want to be selling other sacs to other people that aren't weighed properly, right? That would just cause more trouble.

    If it seems like an honest mistake I see no problem with getting it resolved, if the dealers scale is off it's not accusing him, just trying to get an error corrected. And it kind of is the dealers fault, he didn't necessarily rip the guy off, but he didn't use his scale properly. He should have checked to make sure it was working properly before weighing a sac and selling it.

    But he didn't give him what he wanted, and his scale wasn't working right. And thats where honesty comes in, there has to be a certain level of trust. If the OP didn't take any of it or smoke it, and is really telling the truth there should be no problem. Why would he risk losing a relationship with his connect just to get an extra gram? That doesn't make sense. He'd be contacting his dealer to correct an error, theres nothing wrong with that.
  20. Well, im assuming that the OP's scale is broken. But once you have 40+ people calling you for bud, you stop caring about the individual person. I think he should make sure its the bag and not his personal scale before he calls. Because honestly, there's no honesty in most drug deals. Cant trust the buyer or the seller 100%.

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