Saying Whats up from Arizona

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by staticshadow, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hows it going everybody, Names Static and i reside in Chandler AZ.

    My real Name is Chris and i'm 20 years old. I work at a resort where alot of my coworkers blaze. i have been smoking for about 5 years now and i just joined grasscity a few minutes ago and just wanted to introduce myself. :wave::smoke:
  2. Yo man welcome to the city.

    From Phoenix myself. :wave:
  3. welcome bro i also reside in arizona but in north phoenix:wave:
  4. Sup guys, I just want to say hello from northern Phoenix (in Peoria), just moved myself from Houston :wave:
  5. Welcome ! I'm from Phoenix, the Arizonans need to represent hahah :smoke:
  6. We do have a group called Arizona Tokers or Smokers or some shit.
  7. Heyy there, i'm from Prescott! Happy toking :)
  8. fuck arizona
  9. .....?

  10. dickhead state full of fucked up politician and evil cops.
  11. I'm sorry you feel that way about our state. I am also sorry that you feel the need to put 6.5 million people into that group, a lot of which do not share the same views that are being broadcast.

    The state does not suck; those who that blind majority voted into office, however, do.
  12. how rude
  13. Just joined, live in the E. Valley. Pool time is hittin!

  14. Uhhhhm okay?

    Tucson here! :wave:
  15. just joined im from tucson and its hot as balls right now
  16. dont get mad at a state that enforces the law, or the people who voted for the law to be enforced which it should be in the first place

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