Saying Stupid Things On Drugs

Discussion in 'General' started by TLF1088, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I don't understand how some people say/do stupid things on non-psychedelic drugs. The only exception I make to this is alcohol. When I'm drunk I say dumb things. That's about it though. I don't get how people get so confused and say stupid things high on drugs like weed. When I smoke it might take me a little longer to process information, but reading some topics about things people say or do on it makes me wonder how true they are.
    Even when I do harder drugs like coke, I don't say anything stupid.

    I'm drunk right now so maybe this entire thread makes no sense....I'm not sure.
  2. Its different for everyone man. Myself I just get really chill on any kind of drug and relaxed and sometimes either A) more intelligent or B) lazy as fuck.

    Now I know people who smoke and get completly retarded, one of my friends is a genius and when he smokes he seems retarded. Same with chicks, I know one who just laughs all the time.
  3. Eh, Ive never just come and said something stupid off the top of my head out of nowhere on weed, but there have been times where Ive been completely stoned and confused, or sometimes Ill use words that dont actually mean what Im using them for.
  4. I'm the "What?" guy. You know what I'm talking about.
  5. I'm the guy who everybody questions...

    For example:
    If I get hurt its likely I yell, "Fuck my pussy!" or, "Shit on my clit" two things I do not have.
  6. Alot of things that get said when high sound so retarded to everyone else who is stoned but then when we look back the next day it made perfect sense. I think its just how you interpret what is being said. :smoking:
  7. Well I can see something like that. Confusion of words, for a brief period.

    My best examples I think have come from the "Funny Stoned Conversations With Your Parents" thread, where people have claimed the most ridiculous conversations with their parents or friends. There is no way I can see half of that happening. And if it is, then I must have really shitty weed because I've never been that stoned.
  8. hater
  9. I get what your saying, people who act like that were probably just dumb before they were high though
  10. I never say anything too stupid or out of nowhere when I'm high, but sometimes I'll forget what I'm talking about mid-sentance, and if im really stoned I can have trouble keeping up with conversations.
  11. Yeah something like that. I know I could find plenty of examples on this site in a few minutes but I'm too lazy. Typical stoner. Haha.
  12. I've said several stupid things while smoking pot. I'm an extremely judgmental person, but I try to keep it to myself normally- so when I smoke sometimes I accidentally forget to censor myself and I feel awkward for a few moments after saying something I should have kept to myself.

    It's a curse, and I am embarrassed every time.

    Sometimes I call people out when they're acting phony. That can be awkward.
  13. ever get high with someone who never says anything
  14. you must have you should prob get a better dealer cause I will be saying some stupid ass shit while im high as fuck
  15. I don't nessarily say stupid things, but sometimes I talk stupid.
  16. Yesss!! The silent people have the best things to say.
  17. technically mary jane is psychedelic
  18. Words are overrated... And stop looking at me like that! o_O

  19. Technically its not considered a psychedelic but people who never smoked it before or the media can make it out to being being one. Hallucinogens are considered the same as a psychedelic and weed does not give you hullucinations.
  20. man - i never say stupid shit, not even drunk (well, i say stupid shit, but you know what i mean). I can even hold conversations with strangers when im on shrooms - but i called my best friend last night when i was on shrooms, and he wasnt, and it was akward as hell - i couldnt speak properly, and then he started treating me different, and i just bugged out lol. fuckin weird experience

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