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    Hey everyone finaly got my grow box from BC Northern lights, picked up " the roomate" which is a 4 pot hydro system. Got it all ready to go wanted to say hi to everyone and i will be doing a journal as well if anyone cares.

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  2. Looks very expensive.Have you grown before?
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    unfortunately yes it was expensive i spent over 2,400 on the system with nutes and all bunch of goodies that came with it. Yes i did grow before, was soil so i decided to move up.

  4. I'm looking forward to following your grow.

    What strain are you going with?
  5. webs:I wish there was an easier way, but from what you ask, I get the impression you might be new to this so I’d suggest you RTFB and refer to the following resources:
    1. Read: SeeMoreBud’s, “MARIJUANA BUDS FOR LESS- GROW 8 OZ. OF BUDS FOR LESS THAN $100.” It’s a must for dirt gardeners using CFL’s.
    2. You’ll also want to read: Mc McCarthy’s, “GROWING MARIJUANA.” It’s another must for dirt gardeners.
    3. Read: Jorge Cervantes’s, “MARIJUANA HORTICULTURE THE INDOOR/ OUTDOOR MEDICAL GROWER’S BIBLE.” It’s great for dirt and hydro.
    4. Read: Ed Rosenthal’s, “MARIJUANA GROWER’S HANDBOOK.”
    5. “THE CANNABIS GROW BIBLE- SECOND EDITION,” written by Greg Green, is a match, if not better than, the ones listed above.
    6. You should also subscribe to, “HIGH TIMES,” magazine. Each issue is full of useful information and excellent photography.
    All these resources are very well written, well illustrated and packed with information that will answer most of your questions before you know to ask them. Doing your homework before you grow by consulting these resources will save you and your plants a lot of stress. Cervantes, Rosenthal and Green are the best I've seen on hydro growing so you might want to concentrate on them. These forums are great but often we can’t get the information you need to you in a timely fashion, especially in hydro where things happen so fast. I sincerely hope this helps. Hank

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