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Say yes to brownies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StuttersDaily, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. My friend made an offer to me today and i need some advice deciding whether or not its worth it. Me and a friend are picking up 2 g's of dank and hes doing the same with a friend of his. They said that they will throw down their 2 g's if we throw down ours to make a batch of brownies. Apparently they did this over the summer and ended up with 18 brownies that get you pretty high. I'm debating whether I want to end up with my share of the brownies (4.5 brownies) or just keep the 2 g's with me and my friend and smoke that out during the week(end). What should i DOOOOOO??:eek::eek::confused:
  2. Lol I love apprentice tokers :smoke:
    Take the brownies, you'll get fucked up for more consecutive hours :hippie:

  3. 2g brownies? Wtf? Bro ignore them there obviously dipshits. 2 grams between 14 brownies will not get you high. Roll a few joints and blow that with your friend.
  4. Well you can smoke a ton of one-hitters with your 2gs and get way more out of it, but brownies are funner I'm guessing and lasts longer.
  5. well the way it was worded, possibly up to 8g's is being used.or he is new to smoking, idk.
  6. Am i the only one who realizes this kid wants to make brownies with 4 grams of weed? Bro to even get a buzz you would have to eat all of those brownies at once. And it won't get you very high because .5 a gram isn't enough for a good edible.

  7. 4 g brownies. 2+2=4

  8. sorry, i worded it horribly. basically 4 g's of dank will be thrown into the brownies. we are splitting the batch between 4 people. is it worth it?

  9. Yea i'm fucking stupid. idk why i thought it was 2 grams.

    But yea its still not worth it to make brownies. I would smoke it. MAking edibles is only good if you have a lot of bud because they might not work. If you wanna make something make a firecracker with your gram of weed. But i would just smoke it. Don't bake it into a brownies and make yourself sick trying to get high.
  10. yea id say smoke it, unless they really know what they are doing, from past experience i know its fairly hard to get pot brownies just right. That said when you do get them right they are a lot of fun. Depends, if you want your moneys worth out of that 2gs then smoke it, if want some fun go for the brownies.
  11. What I would do is make sure your buddy knows how to make them before throwing down the bud! aha all joking aside, edibles are fun and you should give them a try. They keep you high for a much longer time then smoking, and its very stoney:) Have fun man and stay safe!:)
  12. Don't waste your bud, man. Only make edibles when you have excessive amounts of bottom bag or shake. That's the best shit to use, because you can just use 5 times more of it and make really potent butter.
  13. why not just make 4 1g brownies

  14. i like how you think
    i think i might be leaning more towards the brownies now, thanks guys
  15. Buy a solid amount of mids, stuff is the bomb when it comes to brownies. Don't waste your hard earned cash on 2g of dank for brownies!

  16. It'd be a waste of your herb man. Edibles and cannabutter are only going to be worth it if you have more weed than you currently do (usually 1/4oz at min)...
  17. I don't think 4g's will do you much, if anything, when spread over a whole thing of brownies.

    I took 2gs of vaped weed, put it in veg. oil, covered it for 325degrees/25 minutes, and dumped it into a homemade bean/rice/lettuce/sour cream burrito. I couldn't taste the weed, and I was high for like 8 hours, it felt like.

    Do yourself a favor and do this for you and your friend with your 2g's. Trust me, you'll be thanking this faceless internet person when you do.
  18. Brownies are only nice if you have A LOT of bud, hash oil, or cannabutter. 4 grams over 14 brownies? Just smoke your weed bro, you'll thank me later

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