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Say it ain't so, Mary!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Jun 14, 2003.


1 joint = 19 cigs. True or B.S.?

  1. That devil grass will be the end of us!

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  2. Mary Jane is too sweet to do such a thing!

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  3. Wombats are funny!

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  1. I read a study today that said that one joint is equal to (no lie) 19 tobacco cigs. I just don't buy it. Why would Mary do such a thing? Well, no matter what, I will always love her. Do you buy this, or do you think it's bullshit? Just looking for your opinions.
  2. im pretty postive its not really correct, like theres that amount of tar in it, but tar isn't what causes cancer, its the radioactive shit thats in the tar in the cigs but not in the tar of the j's.
  3. if so the joint you gotta roll is like 2 or 3 grams. Hell in Canada they consider the avg. joint (remember this is not a blunt) 2 to 4 grams. What kind of people smoke that in one join. I might smoke that a time in different joints but not in one!
  4. I think its more like 2 cigs. But think about how many Cigs you smoke a day compared to joints. Hah most smokers smoke like 2 packs a day ( lotsa tar in that) and most blades toke maybe a bowl or two.

    - chaa

  5. AH, TeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeeee LOL

    well good point about the intake amount comparison...
  6. oh boy.

    i'm troubled to see a bunch of tokers discuss this as if it could be true.

    dont you all see that this is outright propaganda?

    a few months back teh British Lung Foundation (or some shit like that) came up with a study that said 20X!

    the truth of teh matter is... they were ONLY measuring tar levels. but not only that... they were taking measurements of tar from the wrong part of the plant!!!!!!! i mean honestly... who smokes the leaves and stems anyways? i've seen evidence that would prove cannabis leaf to have about 7 times (varies a bit) the levels of tar as found in tobacoo. so one can only asume they were taking measurements from the hempy fibers... either that or they were taking large wads of cash from tobacco companies.

    but u see the thing is... the thing that makes the cigs so bad for you isnt the tar really... its the coctail of 4000 other chemicals, carcinogens, radioactives etc that you suck up. thousands of which are added by teh tobacco co.s and so are obviously not present with cannabis.

    and of course they didnt take into consideration the medical benifits of cannibinoids either did they.

    toke on you silly stoners.... and dont be so paranoid next time they spin some propaganda your way. :D

    you know... there is a point to the 3rd line of my sig. :p

  7. Yeah man of course it is, there is too much propaganda around and people are getting brainwashed into this stuff because it is too overpowering to alot of us, i think people should be more open minded and aware of the situation. i know there are people who are, don't get me wrong, but others just don't look more into what is being said and just use others knowledge wherever that information has come from and when that happens constantly then there are alot of views on the subject and we are lead away from the actual truth of the matter.

  8. Yeah, it's much more complicated than some anti-drug agencies would have you believe. When High Times comes out with a study saying that, maybe I'll cut back on consuming that sweet grass. But until then...

    Keep on smokin'.
  9. For the strangest reason. when I saw this thread I thought you were talking about me..LOL (my name is Mary)

    Then I remembered, how would he know my name? HAHAHA
  10. i always laff when someone says something like that. "one joint is equal to x cigarrettes"
    its not even a comparison. its like saying... eating 1 hamburger is equal to drinking 3 beers or something stupid like that. what are u comparing? carbohydrates, calories, alcohol consumption or how much gas it gives you?
    comparing 2 totally different substances like that DIRECTLY is so unscientific that once i hear a statement like that... the source of info is discredited in my mind.
    now if they were talking about tar, carcinogens, or other things that herb and tobacco might have in common, then thats a valid comparison. its like comparing apples and oranges otherwise
  11. im 110% sure its correct, this is takin from many studies that were done on marijuana. The doctors dont just make shit up in their studies lol.... Marijuana is pretty safe and defintally should be legal, but i hate when people try to ignore the bad sides of weed like they dont exist. Keep in mind that just cause theres more tar in a joint than a cig dosent mean a joint is worse, a cig has alot more chemicals in it that cause harm to your body. Weed smoke has more tar in it than cigs, thats just a proven fact. Weither dank smokers wanna belive it or not its a proven FACT , not a myth not a maybe but a FACT.

    With that said ima go smoke a jay :)

  12. and

    there's one word i'd like to draw particular attention to....



    110% eh? hehe.

    As for doctors not making shit up... what planet are you from? Doctors are human like the rest of us and so, are falable. I've met doctors who were so tied up in the propaganda from their youth that they couldnt even see the evidence in their own research. but not only can the Doctors lie, more likely there are those that take the research and put a "spin" on it to meet the needs of their organisation's agenda. Cali... just where exactly have you been during this war on drugs? Mars? or somewhere further away? ever since the reefer madness campaigns there have been lies told about the herb using doctors as puppets for the corporations. I suppose you stand by what you said ("doctors dont just make shit up in their studies") when we even talk about the doctors working for the tobacco industry who say things like "passive smoking is'nt bad for you, and may even be healthy for you" and "Smoking tobacco will keep you healthy and slim."!!??

    *digit steps down from soap box*

    hey THC101... i never used to be a "good kid"... not really until i tried halucinogens for the first time. its strange that i didnt stop being a disruptive useless force against society until i tried the substances society deamed to be inapropriate. now i spend my time trying to better society and thinking up new ways i could do something for society to change it for the better.

  13. i do... nothing better then a fat ass cone....
  14. digit weither you go ahead and belive that a joint has as much tar as a pack of cigs or not is up to you, but I KNOW its true. Its sad that smokers are afraid to admit some of the negative sides about weed, cause it really makes us look dumb. There have been studies done by marijuana activists who have also confirmed that a joint has that much tar in it, so this whole consipiracy theory thing is wack. People who refuse to look at any negatives of weed tend to look just like 'potheads' to people who are against weed, if you are aware of both the positives AND negatives of weed it looks alot better when tryin to argue to someone why weed should be legal.....

    Ive even read in high times about a joint havin more tar, but if you still wanna belive that its some conspiracy theory by the government or whatever you go ahead and do that, just please dont try to step and argue about legalizin weed cause its gonna make the rest of us look bad.
  15. I know that pot has more tar than cigs, but how 'bout them lovely radioctive chemicals and carcinogens? That's the reason cigs are worse than pot. That and the fact that all you get from cigs is a little nicotine buzz and a big addiction. I'll take my mary jane any day.

  16. ok, point taken. i know that one of my failings is that i will be reluctant to speak of any ills of cannabis... but there are plenty people doing that already, and not enough people singing its praises to the logical extreme.

    but i think you've gone too far.
    you almost sound like a prohibitionist yourself!!! you are in agreement with the very same people who think to make cannabis safer it should contain less THC!!! do you work for a tobacco company or something!?

    and to ramble on a bit more... there are other ways of toking cannabis, and it doesnt even need to be incinerated or even inhaled at all.
    such equivalents for tobacco are either non existant or viewed only as a method of quit attempts.

    i'd just like to point out (incase anyone forgot) that cannabis has never killed anyone, nor has it been attributed to causing a single case of cancer ever.
    and i dont know if its been mentioned already or not... we have to take into consideration the amount of cigarettes that get smoked in comparison to joints... is addictivity not a concerning factor???

    If people are concerned with the tar content of cannabis, then should they not preach harm reduction through vaporisers or ingestion rather than scaremongering that will only benifit the public image of tobacco companies?
  17. i'd say that one J = one non filter cig. But the cig is cancerous the J isn't. Any cases where a Mary Jane smoker died of lung Cancer I bet they also smoked Cigs good cover up blame it on weed BS.
  18. i say who gives a shit, ya only live once, HAVE FUN!!!

  19. True Say!!!

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