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  1. Hello everyone my name is shithead and just dropping in to learn to grow you know what.LOL peace and all.Shithead
  2. HI, YOU shithead! GOOD FOR YOU! and if tiimmme runnns out,....keep on growin'. just bidin' your time!
  3. Enjoy your stay! :wave:
  4. lol with a name like mine is a wonder any who would want to say high so thanks a shit.peace and love and all Shithead:hello:
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    Don't really mean to sound like I don't give a shit...I do...that is the problem ,,,,,,,you see!!!:devious: but most of all peace and love to all. This is my first time here and have a few grows under my belt and have learned alot through ALL my mistakes lol but not that funny.but a good way to learn. will be reading up on the site so any advice concerning contributing here and such would get me up to speed. what are the particpants like in general and age group ,best post to learn etc Thanks guys and OH YES especially the girls Shithead
  6. Hey Shit, what's up? Dr.Greeen is here to say, "save your stems and leaves kids" cause if not, you're just not getting all the THC you could be getting.
  7. Tell me that isn't so cause I ditch all stems that btw smelled good and I wondered a li'l but still dished them SHIT...shit:mad:head p.s. tell me show me man
  8. Hey, shithead!!!

    I always wanted to say that without a fight ensuing:hello:
  9. Dr. Greeen Says: "Shithead, collect your stems in a jar. When you have a substantial amount, dump them into a blender. Add a bit of water, and liquify them for around 5 minutes. Next take the blended mixture and pour it into a jar through a strainer. collect the plant matter in the strainer and squeeze all the liquid from the pulp. Dump the pulp. Take the jar and let it sit in the fridge for a while. After about half an hour take the jar out of the fridge. THere'll be what looks like a thin layer of sand on the bottom of the jar. That's all the THC you're wasting by throwing out your stems. Now grab a coffee filter, a paper one. Pour the liquid from the jar through the filter, slowly, into a new jar. The Trichomes (the sand looking stuff) are loaded with pure THC, and they will collect in the coffee filter. pour all the liquid through and then scrape out the trichome "goop" that didn't go through. spoon the goop onto a plate and let it stand for a few hours. next take a clean coffee filter and scrape the now drier goop into the paper. Wrap the goop into a little bundle and tape it with some masking tape. take your strainer, clean it, and put the filter bundle on a flat surface, place the strainer over it to keep it from blowing away and blast the strainer with a hair dryer for about 5 minutes. unwrap the bundle, which will still be damp, put the goop, which is now a paste into a jar and leave the lid half closed to dry it out all the way. You've just made a batch of pure Keef hash. a small little brick of pure THC, sprinkle this stuff once dry over a bowl and get your entire money's worth of THC. You'll stretch your bud a bit more too and you won't be wasting anymore stems. There's about 30-40% of the canabis plant's THC in and clinging to the stems and leaves. feel free to add your seeds if you don't plan on growing.

    --Dr. Greeen
  10. Hey 420gamer4life ,glad to be of service..very fullfillng this shit:hello: you got it Shithead lol
  11. dr green thumb ,only thing is I haven't a blender. Never ever did have one around my neck of the woods.i know other peeps have them but just never had such a thing in my houses I have crashed at. ould be aweful hard on the throat and lungs that shit. I think I'd have to be awful hard up to go to those lengths to get hi.But thanks for the heads up!!:hello:Shithead
  12. Not having a blender is a problem, but I assure you it's no harsher than bud. Of course i like water pieces as they cut down on the harshness. I recomend you look into one if you don;t have one. take care

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