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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by flyin_hi, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Hey there, I recently (yesterday):smoking: rescued a young female plant from a sundrenched stretch of sand and she was getting pretty dried out. I was told by a friend that if i allowed the very end of the taproot to touch a plate of water and had the roots that offshoot in some growing soil, that the plant would have stronger roots and reestablish itself. Roxy as ive come to call her is about 1 ft 4in tall and has a good 6 leaves that arent parched. What should i do to save her? anything?
  2. First off, a tap root is the little thing that starts to come out of the seed when first germinating. Second, I am not sure what your friend is talking about. Maybe his technique is so that the roots search for the water and nutes; who knows. I would just plant the thing in a 1-5 gallon pot of potting soil and put her under a decent light.
  3. right, yes, a tap root is also the main root of any plant, it extends the furthest down out of all the roots. I have the plant sitting in a small pot of potting soil which is positioned over the mouth of a jar containing water. The end of the root is dangling into the water. I think this idea sucks and ill probably go with yours. Thanks
  4. Yeah. I think your right about the tap root. I was thinking of the tap root on a newly germinated seed. Anyway, always happy to help (or attempt to help at least) LoL. Good luck man.

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