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  1. Hello

    I'm curious where do other growers have their fan set up in tent? Not your exhaust fan, but the fan for air movement in the room/tent.


    My fan sits on the floor and I want to hang it up so I can have more space for pots. Currently it's just pushing air upwards, not really blowing on any of the plants.

  2. For some reason I can't see your picture, but I don't guess that really matters. Where exactly you put the fan isn't as important as that you have good strong air movement all around those plants all the time. This helps disperse heat as well as working kind of like an exerciser for the plants and helps to make them strong. It's really not good to have strong air blowing straight at your plants anyway. It tends to dry them out quicker than they would naturally. But it is important to have that good strong flow in there. You posted this under "harvesting and curing." You're not referring to where you put the fan when you've got plants hanging for the initial dry are you? If that's the case, we created a drying cabinet out of an old armoir. We hung tension rods from side to side in rows...think we've got about 3 or 4 rods in there. Hubs took coat hangers and cut them down and bent them into "S" hooks. One end goes over the tension rod and a plant hangs on the other end. Inside the box, we cut a hole large enough for a 6" desk's a pretty weak I had bought to use for something else but it didn't blow hard enough and I had just chunked it on a shelf. But it works perfectly for this because it creates a very weak airflow around the plants that are hanging but doesn't force-dry them. They can usually hang in there for around 48 hours and are ready to go into jars after that. My hubs is the perfect partner. There is nothing he can't do or figure out and because of him, I don't just have a grow room. I have a GROW PALACE. LOL Hope this helps you some. TWW
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  3. Oops looks like I was moving too fast lol. I hit add new thread at the top and i guess forgot to specify which forum.

    I meant during the grow, sorry.

    And yes that's why I really want to move the fan so it will blow on the plants, thank you!
  4. If your using a proper setup when growing in a tent, your exhaust fan will bring enough air movement that you won't need a second fan. Properly vented, a grow tent should have negative air pressure. You see this when the vinyl walls and flaps get sucked in when sealed. Exhausting stale air out the top then leave your bottom vent open will ensure fresh air movement over the leaves.

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  5. Yeah I got a decent 6 in fan from ventech I run it med-high. It sucks the entire tent in lol. So you think that's plenty air movement?
  6. You should be fine. I never had a mold or mildew problem in my 3'x3'x6' tent using this method the past two years of growing.

    Sometimes temps in the summer time can reach 108° outside. If the a/c is maxed out, I can see 90°+ temps in the tent. Then I might use a small clip-on fan attached to one of the polls in the tent to keep the top canopy cool.

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  7. No problem thanks for your help.

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