Saving Private Ryan

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    Is to this day, my favorite movie. The opening scene at Omaha beach is absolutely fucking terrifying on HD with surround sound, with no lights in the room. I wish I could have seen it in theaters. I've seen countless horror films and none of them come close to scaring me like that scene did. The sound of the waves while they're on the amphibious assault vehicle, the sound of the ramp being opened. It's so frightening to me because it actually happened.

    It made me realize just how damn beautiful peace really is. And how fortunate we are to have it at home.
  2. Yeah, the part where the asshole executive guy from Avatar (who's also in this movie) dies really freaked me out. I saw this movie and All Quiet on the Western Front this weekend for the first time. War is crazy shit man.
  3. OHHHHH Wayde. The combat medic? Yeah that was some freaky shit. I think they gave him an overdose of Morphine?
  4. Hell ya Saving Private Ryan is a classic..been my favorite movie since I was a young'un

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