Saving private ghost train

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  1. hey guys i have here my last ghost train haze #1 plant and its getting really bad, its growth got slowed down really bad and im worried that its dying
    \n-the leaves are kind of soft and really weak so the curl downwards
    -theres this brown line in the middle of one leaf
    -stem soo weak that i had to cover it wwith more dirst to supprt
    \nmy point by making this thread is to be able to grow this with you guys but make it a communal plant, ill be posting pics daily and it will be a great excercise for newbies like me
    \nwhen after i harvest ill be handing out clones at random for the pple involved :)

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    Oh for pity's sake it's a strain name!! I thought you were gonna say you smoked some weed on a railroad track and then you saw a ghost train. Bummer.
    Oh, and BTW it's called Saving private Ryan. Starring Tom Hanks.
  3. sorry m8, didnt mean to mislead :p was trying to make a pun out of the title saving private ryan.
    really apologize if offended or anything

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