saving piss?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighTillTide, May 14, 2010.

  1. so after a couple years of smoking my dad decides he's going to drug test me randomly at home. He doesn't really care all that much but i just don't want to disappoint him and what not.

    is there a way to save your clean piss for long periods of time? do i have to refrigerate it or just keep it in a air tight bottle or some shit

    any help would be sexy

  2. Uh, we would be glad to help, just as soon as you try and explain the absolute mess you've described here. :confused:

    You've smoked for two years, your Dad "doesn't really care all that much", yet he's going to "randomly" test you at home.

    Either he gives a shit, or he doesn't. Which is it? Does he know how long it's detectable in your urine even if you only smoke a couple of times a month?
  3. well he does, but he won't really do much about it. he used to smoke weed too

    he has a clue as to how long its detectable but hes not 100 percent sure, it all depends.

    he just wants to know when and when im not smoking weed lol, and if he catches me enough he'll probably send me away to some boarding school or some shit or make me take drug classes. which fuck that. lol
  4. Well seeing as you are 18+ dont take any of his tests. Its your choice as an adult to not take them. If he retaliates. Move out.
  5. Personally, I would sit down with him and try and talk it out rationally. Hear him out on his concerns with you smoking. If he doesn't want it in HIS house, well his house, his rules. You should respect that. However, explaining it to him that you will only do it after your work and/or school is done, or only on the weekends, or whatever you feel is reasonable to him. If he's concerned about your health, provide him with the facts there. Since he used to smoke, maybe he'll be more open to a conversation like this rather than "random" drug tests, which are pretty much pointless for anyone who smokes even only once a week. You're bound to pop positive almost every damn time.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people throw this option out therelike it only costs $19.95 and ten minutes of your time to accomplish...:rolleyes:

    If it were that fucking easy, would ANYONE still be living at home, especially in a home that doesn't support MJ use?
  7. Lol. true,

    but seriously, he knows almost everything he needs to about weed, the only thing he says is wrong with it is that its a huge motivation killer. and me having ADHD and already almost failing my senior year isnt helping. but weed isnt a motivation killer for me. he just doesnt get that.

    HENCE : saving piss

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