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Saving a bit of weed...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tyrone_C, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Well I've been thinking.

    I think it's cool how different types of weed can produce very different effects while smoked, so the other day after blazing I was wondering what it would be like to save a pinch of weed from every different type of weed I buy, and then blaze it in a big blunt after I get a bunch of different types.

    Has anyone tried this before? Is it worth it, or is it just pretty much like a normal high? I imagine people with the discipline to save their roaches (I always blaze mine shortly after) may have tried this, if they blaze with different types or weed or whatever?

    It would take a lot of self control for me not to blaze this weed when I'm dry, but would it be worth it for some kind of super-high?
  2. I used to do that... makes good blunts when you finally roll it up. I would do it again if i wasnt getting the same types each time i buy
  3. yes, that is probably a very nice high if every strain is different and has pronouncingly different effects. This would create a collision of each one of those highs at once. It would probably be quite potent since it would contain every cannabinoid most likely with this kind of mixture, thus resulting in a very varied yet even feeling high. Probably very very intense though.
  4. i do this regularly its awesome man. just take your shake and leave it alone, after a couple months roll that biznitch. yum.
  5. a colission... hahah damn man yo musted be as stoned as i am. :confused:
  6. I find that mixing strains..when I match my friends usually fuck me up the most...

    defintely would be awsome to roll a blunt with that many types
  7. Iv done it a few times and it works awsome. I cant seem to save up any weed though now, so I usually stick to one kind. But when matching with a bunch of diffrent people, its cool , kinda forgot what the topic was but youll probly win dude.
  8. whenever i match someone, i take both kinds of bud and mix them together rather than layering one on top of the other. i find the high is much more evident with the different cannabinoid levels.
  9. i've done it once but i wasnt really diggin probably because i had smoke two blunts before hand and the mix joint really didnt do anything for us.
  10. I like to take some dank indica and amazing headie sativas, roll it up in a blunt either vinilla dutch or a blueberry wrap. I do that a fair bit, what can I say, I love it.
  11. iv done that it taste so so good nd ives you a reall high
  12. Right now I have a half oz of two each of two diffrent strains. I grind up a nug of each and mix them together. One of the weeds is a dence round smelly hippy nug. The other is a nice hairy dence nug. They both have a mixed indica sativa but one had more of an indica and the other has more of a sativa. Needless to say they work well together.

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