Save public television

Discussion in 'General' started by TheColonel, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I signed, I love NPR

  2. Signed, public media is essential to a well functioning country.
  3. Agreed. +rep for bringing this issue to the City.
  4. Much love! Glad to see people are this passionate about this issue. I have so many fond memories of watching all the programming when i was little. No matter how old you are, theres something to feed your mind on PBS.
  5. That'd suck if Red Green was gone.. one of my PBS favorites anyway.
  6. Damn it, the bastards just don't give up, do they? Thanks for bringing it to light, Colonel.

  7. Signed.

    Thanks bro, I had no idea they were trying to do this.
  8. Signed.

    God bless sesame street!
  9. bump again.

    Just take a few minutes out of your smoking and sign this
  10. last time i signed a petition on move on i started getting spammed by the democraic national comittee. plus i don't see how signing an internet petition is going to stop them. a march, yes, but not an internet petition.

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