"Save Our Society" wants you to...WTF?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by tharedhead, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. These guys

    Maia Szalavitz: DEA, Florida 'Honor' Abusive Rehab Founder, Wife of Republican Financier

    want you do to this:

    http://www.saveoursociety.org/sites...et Rich Sue Your Medical Marijuana Doctor.pdf

    which I can't cut and paste from because it was formatted by a cat with a slice of cheese on his head

  2. My fucking god.
    "Can you not stop using it?"
    "Violent behavior"?
    "Bad Grades"?

    Where's this guy get his logic and information from?

    Oh my god I'm laughing my ass off.
    Anyone who comes in to court saying "The weed I asked my doctor for is getting me arrested and lowering my grades in school. Give me money" - will be mocked for years to come.
  3. Just when you thought the prohibitionists couldn't get any lower...

    Anyway, in California, the doctors are more than able to attack lawyers attempting these types of frivolous law suits;

    California Supreme Court Rules Against Frivolous Lawsuits

    The California Supreme Court issued an important decision this week that upholds a defendant's right to bring a malicious prosecution action against the lawyers that are actively involved in representing a frivolous claim.

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