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  1. So for all of you who like a good story about a good day stick around :D. So saturday starts off with a knock on the dorr from my good buddy and a new bubbler. Immediatly apon his arrival we sparked up a spliff and toked it up. After smoking the spliff we decided to roll a blunt so we did. By this time there was about 4 of my buddies at my house and im pretty ripped. we rolled a 2 gramer of some lemon exotics so it was all good. we put about a gram of keif onto the blunt. Cause i love the sensation of having my mind tingle after i smoked the sweet gift that is keif. After we were done with that blunt and a shit load of shottys. My friend dan came over to chrisin his new bubbler that joe had picked up this morning. So we smoked an 1/8th of it in the new bubbler and now everyone was pretty fucking high. So then after an hour or two of munchies its about 5 o clock and we wanted to smoke again so naturally we rolled up 2 more spliffs and toked um up. Then we chilled till about 7 when my boy dan's bro stopped by and offered me and dan to toke up on this blunt i was just about to walk around the block to go to a party anyway so i accepted naturally. After smoking that blunt i walked a couple blocks to this party that was on. And thats when shit got maddddddddd chill. As soon as i got there i was greeted with a bowl and a beer:smoking:. So after tokin a couple bowls with a few peeps i decided to roll a 30 blunt. 10 of some dro and 20 of that lemon exo's. So after that monster pretty much the kids i was chilling with were all baked. I brought my slinky to the party because everyone likes to switch up pieces to max out the party factor. So after a round of slinkys the keg's arrive. :D:D:D Im not a big drinker. But unlimited keg for 5 dollars seemed like one hell of a deal lets just say once the unlimited keg started i cant remember much. The cops came once but didnt do shit. I showed up to the party with 150 bucks worth and woke up this morning with basiclly nothing left haha. O well it was money from selling shit anyway so wtf! at least it went to a good cause.

    (note: dont you love the feeling of having your throat killin you then kill the burn with a nice beer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D)

    well im out peace and keep tokin'
  2. Sounds like you had a good time man. I need to start having more days like that. :smoking: + rep
  3. Straight out best saturday you could hope for..rep+

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