Saturday night....what is everyone doin?

Discussion in 'General' started by zidave05, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. I got off work at 4:45pm and my football came on at 5:45pm. So I smoked a bowl before my game came on and now I'm enjoying an awesome game.

    What is everyone else doin tonight?

    Roll Tide!
  2. well right now im baked.
    ive been smoking all day.
    and uh
    ill probably smoke more later!
    almost like....every other day
  3. bout to spark up an L over here
  4. I'm going to smoke smoke swag in my bowl and fall asleep most likely
  5. watching the mtv celebraty rap battle. sickkk
  6. the gators owned, i think we could go all the way this year.........again
  7. got some weight last nite, puffing out of the tube, feeling good. just watching tv right now, aint got much planned.

  8. Too bad we don't play ya'll this year....would be a good game.
  9. shitty day, lost to IA state today... there is no good that can ever come from that game for the hawks, if we win the game, no biggie were supposed to win, but if we lose our season just gets fucked up and we have to hear about it from state fans for the next year cause its their fuckin super bowl. They can barely make it to a bowl game south of the Canadian border, if they make one at all, and its usually something like the Toilet Bowl. Eh, sorry bout the rant but this is such a bullshit game.
    Watchin the Nebraska USC game now, couldn't care less who wins...
  10. High and watching old schooooool.
  11. SMokin a little, maybe watching a movie or two, listening to my neighbors party, even though there are posted quiet hours.
  12. Drankin beer, Watchin blow.
  13. I watched that that movie
  14. Headed over to a friends down the road in a little bit, we plan on smoking cannabis. What an obscure night I will have.
  15. been smokin bleezies all day. Got a new pipe (traded for a bowl of herb, lol( it's a mini-pipe, but it's triple blown. I mean I dropped that shit INTENTIONALLY on the cement 10 times in a row from 6 feet in the air, and it wont break. It's glass too. lol. we even used it as a hacky sack :D

    EDIT: Oh and tonight I'll be watching re-runs of House on U.S.A. until about 9 or 10 (whenever todays marathon ends)
  16. Sitting at home... thinking of stuff to photograph. The only chick I know who'd probly model for me is out of town too :/. I might hit the streets and look for some night time shots soon.
  17. I'll probably be tokin and playin video games, maybe watch a movie or something.
  18. I was watchin blow yesterday too..thats a great movie

    ..but for tonight I just picked up som Lil Caesars pizza & soon I'll prolly smoke a bowl & watch a movie, most likely Juice.
  19. I had the worst day of my life. My grandfather whom I've been very close to for my whole childhood had a massive heart attack last night. He was 71, but he was in the best shape he's been in for a while, it was a shock to his 6 kids and 20 grandkids. He was a local hockey hero, and it's gonna be a 2 day wake to get all the people in. Toke one for him gc.
  20. Just ended up opening my window and removing the screen and poking my head outside the window and blazed a fat bowl pack of some bud Now time to listen to music, browse gc and do whatever(pack another one) inside the comfrot of my own house.

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