Saturday afternoon/night....

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. It's saturday afternoon, Im kicking back sippin a 40 of Magnum, Cold as hell straight out the freezer at the store. Gon kick it at GC for a lil while.

    Watin on a couple calls to make some money, All about that paper.

    Then tonight get mad fucked up.

    Whatcha'll doing right now/tonight?
  2. frat switchin all night baby. can we say blackout?

    whats up reefa, i love when you start drinking, youre posts are mad honest.
  3. Chillen now (5:30 EST), trying to get some ass tonight (just being honest), and get mad fucked up smoking and hopefully drinking.... :)
  4. Juat got back from the Cubs game where it was freezing and about to rip a steamroller.
  5. just back from my job... bout to go out and fuckin tag some shit then get drunk and stoned tonite. hell yes
  6. Shit all, i helped a friend move today, my dealer it out of town and my back is all fucked up.

    Sunday is gonna be my day for R&R, pick up a couple grams, kick back on the hammock and enjoy the spring weather :hello:
  7. ^^ Sounds like a good sunday, movings a bitch im gona have to do that soon heh.


    Hanging out right now with my bubbler :smoke: Gona go to a friends tonight smoke a couple bong bowls :smoking:
  8. drinking a Mickey's 40 right now, playing Edward forty hands with a bunch of people in a pong, drinking, house parties and of course lots of smoking
  9. im on 6 500mg vicodin and am feeling really good. my friends house is open all day so im probably going to cruise over there with a 30 pack and be good for the night.
  10. 6000mg of vicoden? jeeze, you must be a babbling sac of euphoria. haha sounds like fun.
  11. i got an assload of DXM and i am gonna down it ALL then smoke a few bowls and chill in the room with the lava lamp and the iTunes
  12. drinking a shit load of water and green tea to clean my system.

    gotta get a "drug scan" soon for my new job.

    i'm all out of bud anyway.

  13. haha tell me about it lol my dad has a prescription after his back surgery and i have been droppin these like candy. he also has somas but i dont like them because they make me to sleepy
  14. Drankin on some R&R (Rich and Rare A.K.A Rough and Risky) whiskey.

    Finished another 40.

    Bout to get fucked up.

    Then head out ina few hours and get smoked down and pilled out.
  15. just had 2 bowls out the bong of some super dank shit, now i'm sippin on a budlight 24oz, feelin pretty bad ass.
  16. Its 11:17 as i post this.

    Listenin to Eminem - Sing For The Moment.

    Next is some SPM.

    Around 1:30 tommrow morning ill be leaving here, So like almost 2 hours from now ill be leaving. Headin to my cuz's house. Gettin pilled up, Smoked up, Then coked out.

    Gon be good, Im druink as fuck right now. Super trashed.

    Ate a hamburger, Got 2 more to eat before my cuz shows up so i sober up some and stay up till like 6-7 in the morn gettin fucked up.

    Gon be great.

    Hope yall have a good night.
  17. damn man sounds like you're gonna have a hell of a time today enjoy that shit for sure...I am all dry now and it fucking soooo fucked up last night, 2pm and my vision is still blurry, last thing I remember is downing shot after shot of vodka out of a handle of it with a bunch of people this was after 40-hands and a few keggers prob 5am

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