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  1. Has anybody had experience growing satori from mandala seeds.
    i have got a grow room that is fairly narrow. (length 1.2 metre width 0.5 metre and hieght 2 metre) and i heard that satori is a very narrow plant and gives a typical satvia up high, this would allow me to grow them in narrow rows
    if any body has grown satori before could you give me info on weather it will be great for my setup.
    can it be grown along side an indica

    could any body suggest any strains that give a up high celebral that remain medium hieght not to high like most other satvias.

    *any tips on good indoor strains would be appreciated.
    *i do prefer a satvia high but am pleased with indicas as well.
    *if u have any satvia strains that will do well when grown with indicas could you let me know as well.

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