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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Alphå, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Has anybody ever used Sativex?

    Its 2.7mgTHC and 2.5mg CBN.

    Considering it takes more to get you high then it does if your using it to alleviate a symptom, I would think that this is a VERY good substitute for smoked marijuana. I know a single puff when I'm having a wheezy day from asthma, my lungs clear right up.

    I really want to see more done with different canabinoids. theres 20ish other canabinoids, what properties do each of them hold? So much to unlock in the weed.
  2. no but im interested in a clinical trial (stipend free) of it for bipolar disorder. if you know of any universities or research labs that would give it out on a clinical trial prescription im very much interested
  3. Unfortunately, it's illegal in the United States. We're a little behind in our research, and our government can't stand the idea of such clear cut proof of any medicinal application. It would controvert this piece of archaic legislation we have called the Controlled Substances Act, which states that Marijuana has no potential for medical application.

    I thought that sativex was primarily used to treat Multiple Sclerosis patients, I'm glad to hear its being used for other things now. I agree on the need for cannabinoid research, hopefully the dark ages will be over soon here in the USA, so we can join together and finally unlock the power of the drug.

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