Sativa strain DWC

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  1. I have a sativa strain propable girl :hello: It is 2 weeks in flowering.
    50cm height and 70 length with topping.
    I have it in a 10lt tank but i would change it with a 20-25 lt tank.
    I must leave my home for 15 days.
    Did all the water of 20-25lt evaporate or drinked from the plant?

    sorry for my bad English. :rolleyes:
  2. Hi Dadas!!

    If you have to leave it for 15 days, it's a risk!

    Your plants will use more water than nutes... so in time water will leave, but nutes will stay in your reservoir. This will change PH, and PPM, drastically..

    I would set up an auto-top-off bucket full of fresh water. Do you know how to do this?

    Put one of these in your reservoir:
    [ame=] Float Valve: Pet Supplies[/ame]

    Then put a bucket up high, with a tube going into the float valve. Fill the bucket with water, then pray before you leave on your trip.

    Your typed English, and grammar is better than a lot of people's here! =)

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