Sativa or indica

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  1. I've tryed to research it and I'm thinking it's a sativa but I am second guessing myself.

  2. Also this is my test plant It's from bag seed and I have 2 other plants. By test plant I mean I'm trying weird things such as putting banana peels in the soil using fishtank water to feed and so forth!
  3. im a 1st time grower myself and from my research wait till it starts growing. i dont think you can tell anything yet ha i mean look at it.. its only a baby.
    Indica is a short plant, usually under 6ft tall, rarely over 8ft tall. Its marijuana leaves have short, wide fingers and are deep green, often tinged with purple.At maturity, the marijuana leaves start to turn even darker purple. It has short branches laden with thick, dense marijuana buds, which mature early, usually about the beginning of September.

    Sativa marijuana plants vary from about 6ft to over 25ft in height.Most varieties grow in the 8ft to I2ft range. The marijuana leaves are long and thin fingered and are light green , especially equatorial varieties, which have less chlorophyll and more yellow pigments in order to protect the plant from intense light. Temperate varieties are darker green.The marijuana leaves of some varieties yellow and fall off during maturity. The marijuana plants have long branches. The bottom ones may spread 4ft or more from the central stalk, rather like a conical Xmas tree shape.

    got this off some site so just wait and see

  4. Eek careful man. Dont go too nuts. You really wana smoke a plant that was fed fishtank water? :p

    Haha regardless... It looks more indica IMO. Probably like 60% indica
  5. I have used fish tank water in the past. It works but you don't know the nuts. levels that are in it, so it is a good way to over or under fert. your plants.

    don't do this, this is a sure fire way to get bugs.

    I will not even guess at the type this early. but most likely it is a hybrid and will show which side it is heavier on later.

    IMO your tests plant should be used to get your lighting feeding schedule and the like down not little things that will cause you problems later.
  6. Its too early most likely.
  7. I've tried bannanner's before. Best to use them during flowering. I learned the trick from my mom who would spike her roses with the naners for more blumes. After a while I got tired of saving all the peels and drying them so I started just blending whole nanners with rain water. Dried Banana skins do make great mulch. And their very high in potassium. For baby's I think you want to stick with the nitrogen to help bring out the girl in them. Oh no nutes till the third week though.
  8. Thanks for the replys guys. This is so much fun I just hope this bag sees dint come off a hermi

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