Sativa or Indica ?

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  1. Yeahhhhh, that'd be a GREAT idea!

    I sure wish more people would read that and stop buying the 40,60 and 100w CFLs. Great lights for rooms, ya know dining and painting and all that. Just inefficient for growing for the money spent. :)
  2. He means eqvivalent... example
    20 w cfl replaces 100w single light...
    that means that cfls give same light amount like 100 w single light bulb...
    so 2x20w cfls light amount --> 200 w light of single light.
    I hope i explained :smoking:
  3. My plants grow well under growlux not Gay CFl,s
  4. Are you happy with the results you are getting? That's all that matters. They are pretty plants(well some are), and I would have have more of them throughout my house just for aesthetics if law permitted.
  5. I am happy with the results i have seen a difference in my grow within a 3 day period when i started using growlux. My friend he would use 600w lamps if he was growing in a big way but me i have 3 plants for personal use i do not know how much i will get at the end but i do know that if its anything over a 8th i will be happy.

    I am not a heavy smoker i just smoke once in a while for my anxiety attacks.

    Here is my one big plant

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  6. that plant need more light..:D i know this sentence very frequent..but this is a true..
  7. shove your light.
  8. ?sry i dont understand what you want to tell.?
  9. I dont want a better light.

    A: That is all i am allowed
    B: i cant afford a better light
    c: it grow my plant just as i want it.
    d: I would not want too force this shit to grow like most people do.

    I had posted that in this post but i guess you didnt see that
  10. you sound like you have a really horrible attitude and there's no need to talk to people like that

    the City is a chill place so I gave you some neg rep to remind you - nobody will help you out in the future if you talk to people like that
  11. Yeah its so chilled out ever one is stoned and keep on and one about getting better lights.
    I never asked about lights.

    I got a better place for advice. Some good friend who wont bug me about your gay high powered energy wasting lights and your cfls.

    :D :wave:

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